About SSN Coding Club

Coding is the process of 'communicating' with computers. It has been changing the dynamics and revolutionizing the world since the first code-based project.

SSN CODING CLUB gives young, inquisitive, and diligent minds a place to hone their skills in unfamiliar domains and concepts in the field of coding & development.

Our primary goal is to provide a common social network to connect with peers with similar interests in the field of coding.

SSN Coding Club is a student-led organization that specializes in Competitive Coding, Web and App Development, Machine Learning, and Open Source. We organize various club events and workshops for students in the aforementioned domains through the club. Some of the club activities include Introduction to UI/UX, Building a Sudoku Solver, Introduction to time complexity and other fundamentals, Introduction to Competitive Programming and Flutter. We create projects and have open-source projects too, such as our Genuine-Genie discord bot. We recently joined the amazing network of Google Developer communities. As a result, there would be an enormous number of contests, collaborations, and projects.

Faculties In-charge

Dr. Chitra Babu
Dr. V. Balasubramanian

Website: www.ssncc.tech