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About Math Club

Mathematics is a unique subject that is used in day to day activities and continues to remain an integral part of our lives.
The objective of math club is to motivate the students to apply the various mathematical techniques in their respective fields

* To promote an interest and an awareness of Mathematics throughout the students community

* To promote a social and intellectual environment to all students interested in Mathematics.

* To engage in extra-curricular mathematical related activities.

SSN MATH CLUB provides a platform for the inquiring mind to research into unfamiliar areas and learn new concepts in a fun and recreational context. SSN MATH CLUB is a student run club that organises Math – related activities and invites math speakers. Through SSN Math Club, we are organising various club activities like Quiz, Dumb-C, Mathematical Modeling, Paper presentation and As You Like it (Math Games) with the title “National Level Mathematical Symposium (exlog )” in every year. The club is also planning to introduce Math puzzles (weekly activity ) in our SSN Math Club website just to sharpen the minds of students so that they are able to solve real life problems.