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Prof. P. Ramasamy – Papers Published

Prof. P. Ramasamy – Papers Published

Papers published in 2014

1. Study on structural, morphological, optical and thermal properties of guanidine carbonate doped nickel sulfate hexahydrate crystal – click here

2. A study on the growth, optical, thermal, mechanical, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of dye doped KAP single crystals – click here

3. Effect of the purity of starting materials on the growth and properties of potassium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals – A comparative study – click here

4. Investigation of structural and optical properties in LiInS2 single crystal grown by Bridgman-Stockbarger method for mid IR laser application – click here

5. Investigation of structural and optical properties in LiInS2 single crystal grown by Bridgman-Stockbarger method for mid IR laser application – click here

6. Synthesis, growth and characterization of a new metal-organic NLO material: Dibromo bis (L-proline) Cd (II) – click here

7. Effect of L-tyrosine on the solubility, growth, structural, optical, SHG, dielectric and mechanical properties of KDP single crystals – click here

8. Characterization of 4-chloro-3-nitrobenzophenone crystal grown by Bridgman technique – click here

9. Silver gallium telluride(AgGaTe2)single crystal:Synthesis, accelerated cruciblerotation-Bridgman growth and characterization – click here

10. Synthesis, growth,spectral and thermal studies of a new organic salt crystal:Glyciniuim monochloroacetate – click here

11. Growth and investigation of 0.80Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3–0.20K0.5Bi0.5TiO3 lead-free single crystal . – click here

12. Thermoluminescence characteristics and dosimetric aspects of fluoroperovskites (NaMgF3:Eu2+,Ce3+) – click here

13. Growth and characterization of pure and doped KHP NLO single crystals – click here

14. Growth and characterization of undoped and Mn doped lead-free piezoelectric NBT–KBT single crystals – click here

15. Synthesis, crystal growth and physical characterizations of organic nonlinear optical crystal: Ammonium hydrogen L-malate – click here

16. Synthesis, crystal growth and structural characterization of lithium fumarate semi-organic single crystals – click here

17. Synthesis, growth, structure and spectroscopic characterization of a new organic nonlinear optical Hydrogen bonding complex crystal: 3-carboxyl anilinium ptoluene sulfonate – click here

18. Dielectric, electrical and nonlinear optical properties of KTiOPO4:La3+. – click here

19. Modelling of physical phenomena on Si melt during crystal growth process by Directional solidification method – click here

20. Growth, structural, thermal, optical, and electrical properties of potassium succinate–succinic acid crystal – click here

21. Investigation on crystalline perfection, mechanical, piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of L-tartaric acid single crystal – click here

22. Growth and characterization of 4-chloro-3-nitrobenzophenone single crystals using vertical Bridgman technique  – click here

23. Numerical investigation of dimensionless numbers of Si melt flow in directional solidification process for PV cells – click here

24. Growth and optical characterizations on 3-aminophenol perchlorate (3-AMPP) crystal – click here

25. TL and PL studies on cubic fluoroperovskite single crystal ( KMgF 3 : Eu 2+ , Ce 3+ ) – click here

26. Modified Bridgman-Stockbarger growth and characterization of LiInSe 2 single crystal – click here

27. Studies on semi-organic non linear optical single crystal: Lithium formate monohydrate (HCO2LiH2O) – click here

28. Irradiation effect on luminescence properties of fluoroperovskite single crystal(LiBaF3:Eu2þ) – click here

29. Investigation of optical property in LiInSe2 single crystal grown by Bridgman Stockbarger method using stepper translations for mid IR laser application – click here

30.Synthesis, growth, spectral, and thermal studies of a new organic molecular charge transfer complex crystal: 3-Nitroaniline 4-methyl benzene sulfonate – click here

31. Growth and physical characterization of AgGa1xInxSe2 (x¼0.5) single crystals grown by modified vertical Bridgman method – click here

32. Synthesis, crystal growth, structural, spectral, optical, thermal and dielectric studies of a new nonlinear optical material: 4-Hydroxy-Lproline- L-tartaric acid (1:1)q – click here

33. Synthesis, crystal growth, spectral, optical, thermal and dielectricstudies of dichloro(4-hydroxy-l-proline) cadmium(II) single crystals – click here

34. Investigations on synthesis, growth, electrical and defect studies of lithium selenoindate single crystals – click here

35. Studies on the structure, growth and characterization of morpholinium perchlorate single crystals – click here

36. Effect of crystal violet dye on the optical, dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties of <0 0 1> directed KDP single crystal – click here

37.Investigations on synthesis, growth and physical characterization of Lithium selenoindate single crystals – click here

38. Investigation on the SR method growth, etching, birefringence, laser damage threshold and thermal characterization of strontium bis (hydrogen L-malate)hexahydrate single crystal – click here

39. Synthesis, growth, structural, optical and thermal properties of an organic single crystal: 4-Nitroaniline 4-aminobenzoic acid – click here

40.Growth and characterization of Cu(II) doped negatively soluble lithium sulfate monohydrate crystals – click here

41. Synthesis, growth and spectroscopic investigation of an organic molecular charge transfer crystal: 8-Hydroxy quinolinium 4-nitrobenzoate 4-nitrobenzoic acid – click here

42. Growth and characterization of propyl-para-hydroxybenzoate single crystals – click here

43. Crystal Growth, Optical and Thermal Studies of 4-Nitroaniline 4-Aminobenzoic Acid: A Fluorescent Material – click here


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