Message from President


SSN institutions were set up more than a decade back to bring world class education within reach of all citizens of India. One of the cornerstones of a world class Institution is the ability to create knowledge through innovative, cutting edge research. It is important for us to build our academic curricula on the bedrock of research and to weave the research culture into every facet of education because research is what separates leaders from followers. The goal of SSN Institutions is to produce the leaders of tomorrow and to create the environment from which future Noble Laureates will emerge.

Establishing the SSN Research Centre is a vital step towards reaching our goals. The SSN Research Center will bring together the leading researchers in India and enable them to network globally to address problems of national relevance and seek solutions through science and technology. Today we face a global oil crisis that could severely hamper economic development both in India and internationally. To help alleviate this crisis, SSN Research Center will work on developing alternative sources of energy that are renewable sustainable and that protect the environment. Embedded systems and materials are other areas that we will initially focus on.

The SSN Research Center will be an invaluable resource not only to the SSN community, but also to the nation and to the world. I wish the Centre all success.

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