Message From Chairman


SSN Institutions have embarked on an arduous but rewarding and exciting pursuit of excellence in science and technology – through education to begin with and now through research. SSN Research Centre has been established in our campus. It is a token of our belief that the intellectual talent and will to succeed among Indian scientific and technological personnel is second to none. Given the right environment, world class achievements through research and development are within our reach. It is a declaration of our commitment that SSN Research Centre will strive unceasingly to provide the resources and motivation required for the blossoming of S&T research in India.

The Vision statement of SSN Research Centre emphasis’s national relevance as well as global networking. This must be so by the very nature of 21st century science and technology. There are huge challenges and opportunities in ensuring energy security for the nation consistent with commitment to conservation of environment. Many advances need to be made in the science and engineering of new materials to make hitherto “impossible” applications in efficient storage and utilization of energy, possible. Embedded microprocessor systems in critical applications will be yet another rewarding domain of focus. These are fertile areas for research. Many more are bound to open up.

SSN Research Centre begins its operation with an inherent advantage of close familial linkage with engineering education – namely SSN College of Engineering, which is already proving its mettle through its achievements. Benefits of synergy between research and education cannot be overemphasized. I am sure that the symbiotic relationship between the two will be nurtured effectively to the great benefit of both.

I wish SSN Research Centre every success in achieving its mission.

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