Extra Curricular Activities

An intercollegiate cultural festival ‘Instincts’ is conducted every year by SSN Institutions. This is an event that attracts the best talent in educational institutions across the country. It is largely planned and managed by students of SSN and is a testimony to their organizing skills.

Dance Club

SSN Theatre

Music & Fine Arts Club
The Music & Fine Arts Club members participate in various cultural events and bring laurels to the Institution. All necessary facilities, including musical instruments such as Keyboard, Veena, Miruthangam etc are available for the students to hone their talents. The club also organizes regular singing, dancing and music competitions.

Literary Club
Literary club is very active in SSN. It conducts programmes both in Tamil & English. It caters to the enhancement of language skills. The Club conducts several programmes like debate, group discussion and elocution to initiate its members into speaking skills in general and public speaking in particular. Competitions are also held in various items for individual departments in order to involve as many students as possible.

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