Dr.Arun Luiz T

Dr.Arun Luiz T   M.Sc., Ph.D (IIT Madras).

Assistant Professor

    Email: arunluizt@ssn.edu.in

     Extn: 238



Dr. Arun Luiz, completed his Master in Science from St. Mary’s College, (University of Calicut), Sulthan Bathery, Kerala in 2002. He stood first in his college for BSc and MSc (Chemistry). He qualified UGC-CSIR NET (Lectureship) and GATE in 2002. Later, he pursued his higher studies by joining as a PhD scholar in Department of Chemistry, IIT Madras. He received his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from IIT Madras in the year 2010. His PhD theses was entitled “Coordination studies of (phenyl)bis(amino)phosphines with Cu(I) halides, CuX (X = Cl, Br, I) and hexacarbonyls, M(CO)6, (M = Cr, Mo, W)”.

Dr Arun worked as Scientific Officer  at NRCFOSS/AU-KBC Centre in Anna University campus of MIT Chromepet for almost a year. His project was on “Free/Open Source Software(FOSS) in Chemistry Teaching and Research”. He had given many talks on the FOSS tools in chemistry. Later he joined Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and Technology as an Assistant Professor in 2010. Currently he is an Assistant Professor in Department of Chemistry, SSN College of Engineering. Dr. Arun  has been recognized as guide for Ph.D. programme by Anna University of Technology Chennai.


Dr. Arun’s research interest includes phosphorus based ligands in synthetic inorganic chemistry and organometallic chemistry.


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5) Arun Luiz T

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