Mr.Chandra Bhal Singh


Research ScientistsMr.Chandra Bhal Singh M.Sc. M.Tech



Mr. Chandra Bhal Signh, Research Scientist in Research Centre has 4 years of research experience in the areas of Thin film deposition techniques, Organic photovoltaic and Thermally Conductive polymer nano-composites.He received his M.Sc.  Degree in physics with specialization in Electronics from CSJM University, Kanpur, and his M.Tech. Degree in Cryogenic Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. During his M.Tech project, he designed and fabricated a computer controlled transient hot wire apparatus to measure the thermal conductivity of polymer nano-composites and nano-fluids. His research focus was on the study  of interfacial thermal resistance on thermal conductivity of nanoparticles and nanotubs filled polymer nanocomposites.Later, he joined Samtel Centre for Display Technologies, IIT Kanpur .At IIT Kanpur his research work was to optimize the MgO thin films having maximum secondary electron emission, as protective layer for plasma display panels. In another project by Tata Steel Europe Limited, he designed and fabricated organic solar cells structure on flexible steel substrates including optimization of process.His current research focuses on deposition and characterization of amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon thin films using PECVD technique for fabrication of Solar cells on glass as well as on flexible plastic substrates. substrates. He has published 5 research publications in international journal and proceedings of conferences and presented 7 articles in conferences. Some of his publications are :1. “Effective  thermal conductivity of carbon nano-tube reinforced polymer nano-composites”, Chandra Bhal Singh and T.K.Dey,International Journal of Nanosystems,2009,vol-2,1,pp. 33-372.”Effect of deposition parameters and film thickness on optical properties and secondary electron emission of MgO thin films“, Chandra Bhal Singh, S. Sarkar,Sanjay K. Ram, V. Singh, and Satyendra Kumar,  Proceedings of the XVth International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD), 2009.3. “Characterization of Si doped MgO thin films for plasma display panels”, S. Sarkar, P.K. Rai, Chandra Bhal Singh, Sanjay K. Ram, V. Singh, and S. Kumar, Proceedings of the XVth International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD), 2009.4. Effect of substrate temperature on structural and optical properties of ZnO:Al films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering” Venkateswarlu Bhavanasi, Chandra Bhal Singh , Vandana Singh, Sanjay K.Ram,Keshawa Shahi and Satyendra Kumar, Proceedings of the XVth International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD), 2009.

5.”Measurement of thermo-physical properties of polymer composites by Transient Hot Wire Technique”, Chandra Bhal Singh and T.K.Dey, Proceedings of International and INCOM-6 Conference on Future Trends in Composite Materials and Processing, 2007

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