M.E. Energy Engineering

M.E. Program in Energy Engineering is a multidisciplinary programme that aims to meet the current and growing challenge of dwindling fossil fuel resources and the critical demand for alternative, renewable energy sources as global priorities. The programme covers fundamental engineering knowledge and skills in such areas as energy generation, conversion, electrical power systems and energy management along with modules on energy sources, energy policy,

economics and associated environmental issues. The programme will provide the student with the skills to develop as a professional engineer who specializes in dealing with the breadth of energy systems used to generate, convert, transmit and manage energy.

Electives :

Energy Systems Modeling and Analysis, Advanced Energy Storage Technologies, Energy Conversion Techniques, Waste Management and Energy Recovery, Solar Energy Technologies, Wind Energy Technologies, Bio Energy Conversion Techniques, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies, Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control.

Project work is carried out in 2 phases, semester IV being dedicated exclusively for the second phase of the project.


The curriculum comprises the core energy subjects

► Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

►Thermodynamic Analysis of Energy Systems

►Energy Resources

►Energy conservation in Thermal Systems

►Energy Conservation in Electrical Systems

►Design and Analysis of turbo machines

►Measurement and Control for Energy systems

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