Dr. L. Poovazhagan


Associate Professor

Dr. L. Poovazhagan, B.E, M.E, Ph.D

Email : poovazhaganl@ssn.edu.in

Extn: 439

Dr. L.POOVAZHAGAN, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering has 19 years of teaching experience. Before joining SSN, he worked as an Assistant Professor in Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE), Sriperumbudur for more than five years. He did B.E. Mechanical Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) and obtained Master’s Degree with distinction in the field of Manufacturing Engineering from Annamalai University, Chidambaram. He completed his Ph.D Degree in the field Aluminum Metal Matrix Nanocomposites at Anna University, Chennai.

• He has published 19 papers in referred international journals
• He has to his credit 20 publications in international conferences and 6 publications in national conferences.
• His Ph.D research work was funded by AICTE under RPS scheme.

He is a Recognized Supervisor for guiding Ph.D scholars of Anna University, Chennai.

Research areas: Nanocomposites, Micromachining, Wear, Casting and Materials Characterization

Currently 7 Scholars are pursuing Ph.D under his guidance

He has organized 1 international conference, 2 national conference and 4 national level workshops

He has delivered more than 10 invited lectures on composites and manufacturing, and also represented as a jury for various international/national conferences and students’ symposiums paper presentations.

Ongoing Sponsored Research Project:

Being Principal Investigator (PI), received a funded project titled ‘Hybrid casting approach for manufacturing magnesium nanocomposites’, amounted to Rs. 25,00,000/- from Science and Engineering Research Board (DST-SERB-CRG) under core research grant for 3 years (2019-2022).

He teaches,

PG: Advanced Materials Technology, Manufacturing Metrology and Quality Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Non-destructive testing and evaluation, Polymers and Composite Materials

UG: Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis, Manufacturing Technology-2, Process Planning and Cost Estimation, Engineering Metrology and Measurements, etc.

Publications Details: 

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