B. Jayakishan


Assistant Professor

B. Jayakishan  B.E, M.D.M.D.M, M.S (USA), (Ph.D)            

Email : jayakishanb@ssn.edu.in

Mr. JayakishanBalagurunathan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering has 6 years of research, 5 years of teaching and 2 year industrial experience. He lastly served with the University of Dayton Research Institute, Von Ohain Fuel and Combustion Center, Dayton, OH, USA as research engineer.He has also worked with organization like Cummins Engines and Ashok Leyland.

He has completed his Bachelors (B. E. Mechanical Engineering) from University of Madras (Hindustan Engineering College), Masters (M.S. Mechanical Engineering)from the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, USA and currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the CEG campus, Anna University, Chennai. His research areas include Alternate Fuels, Pollution and Emission Control,Sustainable Energy Development, Supersonic Combustion, Reaction Kinetics and Shock Induced Mixing in Gas Flows.


He has been teaching for both UG and PG at SSN College of Engineering from 2013 and has experience in managing the combustion, performance & emission testing activities entailing analytical research, validation and quality control documentation. He has two high impactinternational journal publications, two national journal publications, two international conference papers and two national conference papers to his credit. He is an active member of both SAE, India and the Combustion Institute, Indian section.


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  • J. Balagurunathan, S. Saxena, M. S. P. Kahandawala, M. J. Dewitt and S. S. Sidhu, “Ignition Delay Study of a Conventional (JP-8) and a Synthetic (S-8) Jet Fuel Using a Heated Shock Tube,” Energy and Fuels, 2012.
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  • B.Jayakishan, R.Prakash, K.Kumarrathinam and D.Christopher,”Performance And Emission Evaluation of a Compression Ignition Engine Using Agitated Diesel Fuel,” Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 787 (2015) pp 692-696
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