Dr. D. Ananthapadmanaban

Mech--Ananthapadmanaban Assistant Professor

Dr. D. Ananthapadmanaban, M.Tech, Ph.D


Dr. D.Ananthapadmanaban did his B.Tech (Metallurical Engineering) in the year 1990.Subsequently he continued at I.I.T,Madras and completed his M.Tech (Industrial Metallurgy) in the year 1992.He finished his Ph.D in the area of friction welding in the year 2012.He has a teaching experience of around 19 years. He is a life member of many Professional societies.Hehas 30 publications in International and National conferences and 24 in International and National Journals. He is currently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and handled Metallurgy and Materials Science related subjects.



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14.Gulshan Kurien Joseph,D.Ananthapadmanaban, Silumins-The Automobile Materials,March 2012,Advanced Materials and Processes

15.Paper accepted by International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics ,Volume 1, July,2013

16.The Art of Communication, Secret of Success in Professional and Private life,The Indian Journal of Technical Education,Volume36,No 3,September 2013,pp 85-87

17.Tensile Strength and hardness correlations with Microscopy of friction welded Aluminium to Copper, Under Review by Institute of Engineers Journal.

18. Analysis of Mechanical properties of Copper to AluminumAA6061-T6 joined by friction welding,E.Ravikumar, N.Arunkumar,, D.Ananthapadmanaban, Accepted for publication by Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland

19. Analytical Study of General Failure in Prominent Components Balaji V.R, Amitesh Jain,A.Kirthivasan ,D.Ananthapadmanaban,Volume 3,Issue 9,September 2014

  •  33 Publications in Conferences and 32 in Journals
  • 23 years teaching experience.
  • Has been Listed in Marquis Whos Who in The World from 2010 onwards.
  • Won Best paper Award in IIW Conference,Pondicherry,2010
  • Won 1st Place in Research proposal Contest in 3 day International Short Course on BioMechanics, March,2018.

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