Laboratories with major equipments

  • Survey Lab
  1. PENTAX Total Station Model R423 VN with all standard accessories, Wooden Pole, Single Prism Assembly, Range Pole, Range Pole Stand.
  2. Standard Vernier Theodolite Model ST20E with all standard accessories and Aluminum Stand
  3. Plane Table with Accessories and Wooden Stand
  4. Dumpy Level DL -9 White with Accessories and Aluminum stand
  5. Prismatic Compass with Stand
  • CAD Lab
  1. Desktop computers 40 numbers with AutoCAD software.
  2. Laser Printer
  • Strength of Material Lab
  1. Universal testing machine (computerized cum analog)
  2. Torsion testing machine
  3. Brinell hardness testing machine
  4. Impact testing machine
  5. Jominey fixture & end quinch apparatus
  • Concrete and Highway lab
  1. Compression testing machine
  2. Aggregate Impact testing Machine
  3. California Bearing Ratio Apparatus
  4. Bitumen Penetration Apparatus
  5. Marshall stability Apparatus
  6. Concrete Mixer
  7. Vee- Bee Consistometer
  • Soil Mechanics Lab
  1. Liquid Limit apparatus (Motorised & Hand operated)
  2. Plastic Limit Apparatus
  3. Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
  4. Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus
  5. Consolidation Apparatus (Three Gang)
  6. Proctor compaction apparatus (Light & Heavy)
  7. Direct Shear Test (Motorized)
  • Hydraulic Engineering Lab
  1. Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus
  2. Meta centric Height ship model Apparatus
  3. Notch weir Apparatus
  4. Flow Through Orifice and Mouth piece Tank apparatus
  5. Losses in Pipe Fittings apparatus
  6. Pumps and Turbines apparatus
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  1. BOD Incubator
  2. Muffle furnace
  3. COD Digester
  4. Ph, Turbidity and Conductivity meter
  5. Hot air oven


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