Desktop – HCL and DELL

Auto CAD Software

Staad pro V8i
5 perpectual & 50 free student version

Staad pro Software





Hydraulic Engineering Lab

Reciprocating pump  

Centrifugal pump

Gear oil pump

Jet pump        

Submersible pump     

Pelton wheel turbine 

Francis turbine          

Kaplan turbine


Venturi Meter

Orifice Meter

Pipe Friction Apparatus        

Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus        

Metacentric Height Apparatus          

Pitot Tube Apparatus

Notch Weir Apparatus          

Flow Through Orifice Tank Apparatus

Flow Through Mouth Piece Apparatus

Lossess In Pipe Fittings Apparatus   

Multistage Centirfugal Pump

Venturiflume Assemblly













Environmental Engineering Lab

pH meter (digital)
pH  meter (hand held)

Turbidity meter (digital)
Turbidity meter (hand held)

Conductivity meter (digital)
Conductivity meter (hand held)


Test Kit  – Chlorine

Filtration Set

Magnetic stirrer with hot plate

Rotary vacuum pump

Analytical balance /make:denver

Digital floculator


Kjeldhal apparatus

Heating mandle with energy regulator

Water bath reactangular

Digital muffle furnace


Refridgerator , Refrigerated Centrifuge

Dissolved oxygen meter

Uv-visible spectrophotometer


Ion meter

Flame photometer with Ca,Li, Na, K filter

Cod & multiparameter bench meter
Cod test tube heater with 25 vial capacity

Fume exhaust hood

Ammonium ion electrode

Nitrate ion electrode

Bromide ion electrode

Sodium ion electrode

Chloride ion electrode

Peristaltic pump

Vertical autoclave

Variable volume micro pipette

Bacteriological incubator

Sterlization chamber

Deep freezer

Binocular phase contrast microscope

Orbital shaker






Strength of Materials Lab

Torsion testing machine

Brinell hardness testing machine

Rockwell hardness testing machine

Binocular microscope

Muffle furnace

Tensile testing machine

Imapact testing machine

Universal testing machine

Jominey fixture and end quench apparatus

Rosette strain gauge : 10 channel digtal meter

Strain gauged bar (range 5kg)

Deflection test apparatus

Vicat needle apparatus

Le chatlier mould

Motor cube mould



Cylinder mould

Cutting machine

Data acquisition system

Double shear attachment with 12 mm bushes







Concrete and Highway Engineering Lab

Slump cone apparatus

Flow table apparatus

Compaction factor apparatus

Vee bee consistometer

Compression testing machine

Cube mould 150 mm

Cylinder mould

Beam mould

prism mould

Test sieves

Concrete mixtures

Vibrating table

Impact Testing machine

CBR apparatus

Blains air permeability

Ring and ball apparatus

Digital platform weighing balance
Digital table top weighing balance

Ductility Testing machine

Vicat needle apparatus

Length gauge
Thickness gauge

Marshall Stability apparatus

Hot air oven

Density Basket

Tar viscometer

Penetration apparatus

0.5 HP mini monbo block motor

Sieve shaker with adapter

Centrifuge extractor

Magnetic Stirrer

Aggregate crushing value apparatus

200 mm dia brass sieve

Marshall water heater

Cube mould – 50 mm
Cube mould – 100 mm
Cube mould – 70.6 mm

Losangels abrasion testing machine

Needle Vibrator

Digital Weighing balance 20kg capacity






Soil Mechanics Lab

Soil Hydrometer


Liquid limit Apparatus

Plastic  Limit Apparatus

Shrinkage  Limit Apparatus

Soil permeability Apparatus

Sieve 20cm Brass Frams

Sieve Shaker Motorised

Direct shear Test Apparatus

Unconfined Compression Testing Machine

Proctor Compaction Mould – Light

Proctor Compaction Mould – Heavy

Sand Pouring Apparatus

Core cutter

Three Gang Consolidation Test Apparatus

Relative Density Test Apparatus

Hot Air Oven

Digital Table  Weighing  Balance30kg

Digital Table  Weighing  Balance300g

Digital Thermo Meter

Liquid limit Apparatus Motorized

Sampling Auger

Tri-axial Test Apparatus

Electronic Instrumentation For Tri-axial Test Apparatus

Volume Change Measurement For Tri-axial Test Apparatus

Tri-axial Cell

Permeability mould

Weighing balance 1100g

Vane shear Apparatus

Universal sample extractor

Mini Compaction Mould






Survey Lab

Total Station


Dumpy Level

Ranging Rods

Leveling Staff

Pocket Streo Scope

Cross staff with Pole

Measuring Chain 30mtrs

Metallic Tape 30mtrs

Metal Arrows

Prismatic Compass 100mm

Gps Hand Held

Subtense Bar

Plane Table with Accessories

Tilting Level

Surveyor Compass

Total Station


Dumpy Level

Ranging Rods

Leveling Staff

Pocket Streo Scope

Cross staff with Pole

Measuring Chain 30mtrs

Metallic Tape 30mtrs

Metal Arrows

Prismatic Compass 100mm

Gps Hand Held

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