Department of Bio-Medical Engineering

Biomedical informatics is an emerging discipline that has been defined as the study, invention and implementation of structures and algorithm to improve communication, understanding of management of medical information. This forum aims to focus on research and development in the emerging healthcare technologies through collaboration with leading hospitals and research institutions.
To focus on the research and development of healthcare information system and to provide cost effective techniques useful for health industry.
To be a premier research and innovation centre for health information system.
Key functions:
To the department
  • To establish a channel for students to do their hospital training program
  • To provide research opportunities and to expose the latest technology to the U.G students
  • To explore the possibility of obtain external research grants for conducts the project
  • To arrange workshops and lands on training to the students an faculty member
To the college
  • To prompt the name of college through research project of publication
  • To be come centre of excellent in health informatics area
  • To uplift the institution as the leading research institution
Key research area
  • medical signal processor
  • image processor
  • medical informatics
  • data mining for medical application
  • artificial intelligence
  • neural networks
Current research projects:
  • Brain – Computer Interface applications
  • Analysis of fetal heart rate using cardiotocogram signals
  • Automated techniques for detecting diabetic retinopathy
  • Early detection of kidney stone
  • Soft computing techniques for classification of Ultrasonic Liver images
  • Data Mining techniques in predicting survival of kidney dialysis patients in India

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