Ms. S. Karthika M.E., Ph.D

Associate Professor

Ms. S. Karthika M.E., Ph.D 

Email 376

S. Karthika is an Associate Professor in the department of Information Technology at SSN. She has around 6 years of teaching experience in SSN and College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University and exclusively over 2 years of research experience in the domain of Social Networking. She aspires to enhance the homeland security by analyzing various clandestine social organizations through her persistent exploration in covert networks.


She has completed her Ph.D. in Anna University, Chennai under the Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering during July 2014. She has her Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Avinashilingam University.


Her research interest is showcased on Key Player Identification and Link Prediction of covert networks. She has also associated her works with Data Mining and Graph Theory. Currently, she is interested in exploring the various Machine Learning techniques in her study and analysis. To her credit she has published 8 papers in International Journals and Conferences.


She adapts an activity based teaching in the subjects like Database, Operating System and Data Mining.


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