Samhita is a technical magazine, released every year, during Srishti, the national level technical symposium, held under the aegis of the Biomedical Engineering Department. Srishti is a premier forum for students, presenting the technological advances in the field of biomedical engineering through paper presentations and a plethora of other events, generating thought-provoking and innovative ideas. The editorial team of Samhita comes up with novel ideas every year, accommodating a comprehensive selection of contents, depicting the growth and advancements in the biomedical arena. Every year, the department hosts the national level symposium with different unfathomable themes, playing a significant role in shaping the perfect biomedical research professionals, matching the current scenario. The magazine is a huge success, undoubtedly, and will accommodate the best of information pertaining to the biomedical discipline, in the years to come.

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Synergy is the quarterly newsletter published by the department of biomedical engineering. The newsletter team is comprised of the BME students, comprehensively guided by the department head. Every edition of Synergy accommodates innovative thoughts, concepts, notable publications and rewards achieved by the department students and staff community. The newsletter covers the happenings in the department, every quarter, motivates the readers and gives them the reason to celebrate our accomplishments. The newsletter also includes brainstorming and intriguing articles that takes the readers into the astonishing world of biomedical engineering.

Synergy _Volume 7_ Issue 1

Synergy _Volume 7-Issue 2

Synergy_ Volume 7- Issue 3

Synergy Volume 6 –  Issue 4 – 2018

Synergy Volume 6 – Issue 3 – 2017

Synergy Volume 6 – Issue 2 – 2017

Synergy Volume 5 – Issue 4 – 2016

Synergy Quarterly – Volume 5 – Issue 2 – 2016

Synergy Quarterly – Volume 5 – Issue 1 – 2016

Synergy Quarterly – Volume 4 – December 2015

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