About the Department


The department of biomedical engineering started in the year 2005 with an intake of 60 students. The department now has a total of 12 faculty members with four research supervisors and four, pursuing research and on the verge of completing their doctorates. The department has a total strength of 196 students, from diverse economic strata, willing to deliver their best, for the welfare of the society. The department got recognized as a research centre in 2011 and diverse projects, on various area of biomedical engineering are being guided by our research supervisors. The department has well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories including the biomedical instrumentation lab, microbiology and biochemistry lab, diagnostic and therapeutic lab, to meet the requirements of Anna University to the fullest and to enable the students and the scholars to pursue research in-house. Well equipped class rooms, seminar hall, staff rooms are added credentials to the department that facilitates hassle-free rendering of lectures, conducting group discussions, seminars and guest lectures, for the benefit of the student community. The department has an animal house, exclusively to pursue research with animals and a 24*7 clinic, with a dedicated doctor and nurse to treat the in-house patients, as and when needed.

A few strengths to highlight about the department include industry-institute interactions, sponsored laboratories, faculty interaction with the outside world, 24*7 clinic and a lot more to add to the extensive list. The department has healthy interactions with National Instruments, Texas™ Instruments, Biopac™ Systems, Inc., Aries Biomed, Global Hospitals, Chennai, SRMC, Chennai, and many more, where the industry and hospital experts are invited to deliver lectures, conduct sponsored workshops, pursue consultation work, hardware and software testing and training, and for other diverse activities to help the student community in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the core industries and their applications. To mention a few, Texas Instruments has sponsored the Analog System design Laboratory worth $620 for the department for pursuing research activities in diverse discipline of biomedicine. Cypress semiconductors have sponsored a PSOC laboratory worth $1495, where the students can perform their own system on chip experiments and research, at their discretion. The department has a healthy interaction with faculty abroad, as well that includes but not limited to the University Medical center, Groningen, The Netherlands and University of Seville, Spain.

Diverse activities including the students and faculty have always strengthened the department in various aspects. Faculty are actively involved in teaching and research, delivering lectures with content beyond syllabus, and offering projects to equip the students in having a world-class exposure to the field of biomedicine. Student workshops are conducted frequently to help the student in gaining hands-on-training in hardware and software design. A lot of research is happening in the field of image processing, cognitive neuroscience, biosciences and medical instrumentation, helping the department to progress more towards research and identifying and validating, novel concepts and techniques. Publications from students and faculty are worth mentioning with a lot of publications in the national and international journals and conferences, introducing new concepts and applications for the benefit of the biomedical community. The department has also received internal and external funded projects to pursue research activities to the fullest.

To add feather to the crown, the department has conducted two international conferences, by now, staging a meeting ground for the experts in the biomedical industry, with healthy interactions and exchange of thoughts with the faculty and students. The International Conference on Biosignals, Images and Instrumentation, conducted from March 14th -16th 2013, at the college premises is the most noteworthy, having experts from University of Seville, Spain, SCTIMST (BMT Wing), Trivandrum, IISc Bangalore, IIT Roorkee, SRMC, Chennai, Global Hospitals, Chennai and Narayananethralaya, Bangalore, sharing their views and delivering indispensable information to the participants. The department is frequently organizing workshops, Faculty Development Programme, and guest lectures on diverse concepts related to the core and inter-disciplinary subjects in biomedical engineering to equip the students in gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the industrial requirements to the fullest. Students from the department take on internships with lifeline Hospitals, FORTIS™ Malar Hospitals, Apollo hospitals, PSG Hospitals, Global Hospitals, IIT Chennai and a lot more hospitals, educational institutions and industries to understand and analyze the real-world requirements and serve the community. The department has as dedicated I-Cell to kindle the research interests in the students.

The department publishes ‘Samhita’, a monthly magazine, and ‘Synergy’, a newsletter, accommodating the diverse activities happening in the department. Not just studies, but the students and staff also indulge in various social welfare activities. To mention a few, the students and staff are active volunteers of the ‘Karunai Villa’ organization, serving the needy. The students are also youth volunteers of ‘BHUMI’ organization where they serve the needy, delivering lectures and classes, coordinating projects in math and science and a lot more to add with. Not to forget, our students, Mr. Seshank and Ms. Dharani, of the passed out batch, were awarded the best NSS volunteers in the whole of Anna University affiliated colleges. Student performances ion the University examinations are simply overwhelming with 9 university ranks in 2011, 7 in 2012 and 9 in 2013. The list will continue to get better, we hope!

Students have achieved a great deal with their innovative thoughts, ideas, proposals, protocols and equipments. Mr. Gopalakrishnan and Mr. Ashwin, received the First prize, in 2011, in Schneider Electric India Contest with a cash award of Rs. 3,00,000 for their work on ‘Optimized Switch Control for Elder and Disabled Patient Using EEG’. Mr. Deepak, Mr. Ganesh kumar, Mr. Vignesh and Ms. Fareesha were awarded the second prize of Rs. 3,00,000 in the same contest, for the year 2012. Prize money of Rs. 50,000 was awarded to Ms. Lakshmi and Ms. Archana by the Sahajanand laser Technology Sushrutha Innovation Award, for their work on ‘Non-invasive Blood Glucose Measurement’. Mr. Arun, Mr. Deepak, Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Navathej received the cash award of Rs. 10,000 from the Texas Instruments, in the design contest conducted in 2012-13, for their research on ‘Design of a switch controller for paralytic patients using EEG’.

Placement is never as hassle for the students of our department. More than 80% get placed in the companies of their discretion while the remaining purposely opt for higher studies, owing to their interests in research. Students often get multiple placements and choose the company of their discretion. The department is aiming to achieve attainable targets, including identifying novel areas of biomedical research, receiving more grant proposals, added publications in journals and conferences, increasing the number of internal and external industrial collaborations, strengthening the department and helping the students in pursuing a successful career in the biomedical discipline.