Dr. Shomona Gracia Jacob

Shomona GJ

Associate Professor



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Dr.Shomona Gracia Jacob has 7 years of teaching and research experience. She completed B.E. (CSE) from Easwari Engineering College under the University of Madras in 2004 and M.E. (CSE) from Jerusalem College of Engineering under Anna University in 2006. She registered for Ph.D  in the broad area of Clinical and Biological  Data Mining as a full-time research scholar in 2011 and acquired her Ph.D degree in 2014 at Anna University. During her Ph.D research she worked on an AICTE funded RPS project “Feature Relevance Analysis and Classification of clinical life data” for 2 years. Prior to her joining the Doctoral programme, she has worked at RMD Engineering College, CIPET, Chennai and Panimalar Institute of Technology. She has delivered E-content learning programme on C and C++ at Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC), Anna University, Chennai.

She is a Recognized Supervisor to guide M.S./Ph.D scholars under Anna University. Currently she is guiding 1 full-time and 2 part-time Ph.D scholars in addition to a Junior Research Fellow. Her research interests cover Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning and Pattern Discovery. She has delivered guest lectures in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics.

She has more than 40 publications in International journals and Conferences of which nine are Refereed SCI Indexed journals.  Two of her research publications in Plos One (IF:4.5) were published in the NewsRx Life Science Weekly Medical News. She has reviewed research articles for Springer Journal “AMINO ACIDS” with Impact Factor 3.5 and PLOS ONE journal with Impact Factor 4.5. She has been invited to submit a Book Chapter on Bayesian Learning: Methods and Applications by Nova Publishers.

She has also submitted a research proposal as a Co-investigator in an ICMR funded project for 50 lakhs on Biological and Clinical Data mining.

External Funded Project – Ongoing

S.No Funding Agency Project Title Amount (INR) Scheme
1. DST-SERB Investigation on the Effect of Gene and Protein Mutants in the Onset of Neuro-Degenerative Brain Disorders(Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease) : A Computational Study 16,10,000 Lakh Young Scientist Scheme- Start-Up Research Grant

 Her list of publications and citations can be accessed at https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=BIn5bIgAAAAJ&hl=en

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