Mechanical Operations Lab:
List of Equipments in Mechanical Operations Lab:

Roller Crusher
Ball mill
Sieve Shaker (Rotap)
Sieve Shaker ( Gyratory)
Vibrating Screen
Plate and Frame Filter Press
Leaf Filter Press
Cyclone Separator
Sedimentation Apparatus
Elutriator Apparatus
Rotary Drum (vacuum ) Filter
Jaw crusher
Air Permeability

Momentum Transfer Lab:
List of Equipments in Momentum Transfer Lab:

Orifice Meter
V-Notch Test Rig
Straight Pipes With U Tube
Vertical Double Pipe
Packaged Column
Fluidization Test Rig
Open Drum With an Orifice
Helical and Spiral Coil
Pipe Settings (Different Orifice)
Centrifugal Pump – Multistage

Heat Transfer Lab:
List of Equipments in Heat Transfer Lab:

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
Vertical Condenser
Drop wise and film wise condensation
Natural Convection Apparatus
Forced Convection Apparatus
Agitated and Jacketed vessel
Single Effect Evaporator
Open pan Evaporator
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
Transient Heat Conduction

Mass Transfer Lab:
List of Equipments in Mass Transfer Lab:

Simple Distillation
Steam Distillation
Packed Bed Distillation
Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Experiment
Adsorption (Solid-Liquid)
Surface Evaporation
Diffusivity Measurement (Vapor in Gas)
Liquid-Liquid Extraction (Packed column)
Tray Dryer
Wetted Wall Column
Hold Up Studies in Packed Column
Liquid – Liquid Diffusion

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab:
List of equipments in Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab:

S.No. Name of the Equipment
1. Batch reactor
2. Plug flow reactor
3. Combined reactor ( PFR & CSTR)
4. Packed bed reactor
5. Series of CSTR
6. Semi-batch reactor
7. Batch Reactor – Temperature Dependent Kinetics
8. Mixed flow reactor- RTD
9. Fluid-Solid catalytic reactor
10. Non catalytic Solid-Fluid reactor

Process Control and Simulation Lab:
List of Equipments in Process Control & Simulation Lab:

Temperature Process Controller
Level Process Controller
Flow Process Controller
Pressure Process Controller
Control Valve Trainer
Interacting & Non-Interacting Trainer
PC with MAT LAB Package
Control Valve / Valve Cross Section

Technical Analysis Lab:
List of Equipments in Technical Analysis Lab:

Conductivity Meter
Distilled Water Still ( Glass Type)
Kjeldals Apparatus
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
Mechanical Shaker
UV-Spectro Photo meter
Water Bath
Bunsen Burner – Electrical
COD Apparatus – Full set
Computer Lab
A dedicated computer lab is available for the use of students and faculty. All the systems installed with ChemCad software.

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