IDENTITY of the IT department made its mark as a quarterly magazine in January, 2013. The magazine was conceived to bring to the public eye, through a 3600 window, the talents, both apparent and latent, academic or otherwise, whether embryonic or mature, of our faculty and students.  In the three issues of IDENTITY that have been brought out so far, we’ve had technical as well as the not-so-technical articles, satires, debates, poetry, achievements and more from our students and faculty. We’ve had our alumni contributing articles on hot-from-industry topics. All these cater to a wide spectrum of readers, who enjoy reading more than 140 characters at a time! The reticent ones too have started coming forward to contribute their views.  The appreciative comments from our readers boost our commitment to excellence.

IdentITy_Volume6_Issue2_January 2020

IdentITy_Volume6_Issue1_June 2019

IdentITy_Volume5_Issue2_January 2019

IdentITy_Volume5_Issue1_June 2018

IdentITy_Volume4_Issue2_January 2018

IdentITy_Volume4_Issue1_June 2017 

IdentITy_Volume3_Issue2_December 2016 

IdentITy_Volume3_Issue1_May 2016

IdentITy_Volume2_Issue3_November 2015

IdentITy_Volume2_Issue2_February 2015

IdentITy_Volume2_Issue1_August 2014

IdentITy_Volume1_Issue3_October – December 2013

IdentITy_Volume1_Issue2_April – June 2013 

IdentITy_Volume1_Issue1_January – March 2013 

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