Laboratory Facilities

The Department is well equipped with 11 diversified laboratories including a dedicated laboratory for the Post-Graduate students installed with a variety of software catering to the needs of the students and covering the curriculum specified by the affiliated University.

The laboratories include:

  • Operating System and Networking Lab
  • System Programming Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Windows Programming Lab
  • Multimedia and Graphics Lab
  • Java Technology Lab
  • Post-Graduate (PG) Lab – I
  • Post-Graduate (PG) Lab – II
  • High Performance Computing Lab
  • Hardware Lab I
  • Hardware Lab II
  • Open Source Lab

Seminar Hall

To conduct special seminars covering latest developments and trends in the field of Computer Science, a fully equipped Seminar Hall with seating capacity of 120 is attached with the department.

The equipments cover one Overhead Projector, one LCD projector, a dedicated Laptop, 29″ Color Television and a Public Addressing System.

Class Rooms

Each class room is furnished with a Overhead Projector, one LCD projector, and a dedicated Laptop to support the e-Learning process. The class rooms are Wi-Fi enabled class rooms to support the e-Learning Initiative.

Department Library

The department library located in a dedicated and spacious room has more than 1000 books covering a wide range of subjects and several Journals that include ACM Transactions on Database Systems, Software Engineering and Methodology, Operating Systems and Programming Languages, ACM Computing Surveys, International Journal for Neural Systems and Computational Intelligence and Applications, Software Engineering notes, Operating System review, Computer Communication review and Computer Architecture news.


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