Dr. Vijaya Mani

Vijaya ManiProfessor
Dr. VIJAYA MANI M.Sc (Tech.), M.S, PhD (BITS Pilani) MBA

Email: vijayaM@ssn.edu.in
Ext: 337



Dr. Vijaya Mani, Professor in the Department of MBA has 15 years of teaching and 5 years of Industrial experience, in the field of Management focusing on Human Resource Management.

She received her MBA degree from Bharathiar University, and PhD from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani (Rajasthan) with an “excellent” grade in the Phd thesis.

Her current research interests include recruitment, attrition and retention in IT Sector, stress management, employee training etc. She had presented her research work in international conferences and has about 15 research papers to her credit ,that include articles published in international journals and Conference Proceedings.

Recent Journal Publications:

  1. Dr Vijaya Mani ‘A Model for predicting the quality of Recruit in the BPO Sector ABHIGYAN,  April- June 2010, Vol .XXVIII, No 1, 13-18, ISSN 0970-2385.
  2. Dr Vijaya Mani ‘Developing an Employee Satisfaction Score Card’ European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS) Volume 15,  issue 1, 2010. 129-139, ISSN 1450- 2267.
  3. Dr Vijaya Mani ‘ Student’s perception of the impact of the course load on Exam Stress’ International Journal of Arts & Sciences, Vol.3, No. 17, Oct. 2010 ISSN 1944-6934.
  4. Dr Vijaya Mani ‘Evaluating Effectiveness of Executive Training‘International Bulletin of Business Administration (IBBI), Issue 9, Dec 2010, ISSN 1451-243X.

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