Dr. Martha Karunakar

Assistant Professor
Dr. Martha Karunakar, MA, M.phil., Ph.D

Email : marthak@ssn.edu.in

Ext No. 242

Martha Karunakar has the distinction of being a Gold Medallist and the First Rank holder in the degrees she has obtained, namely, B.A. and M.A., (University of Mangalore) and M. Phil (University of Madras). She received her Ph. D from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, (IITM).

She has 16 years of teaching experience having taught in St. Aloysius College, Mangalore for 1 year and Women’s Christian College, Chennai for 12 years. She served as the Head of the Department of Languages, and Controller of Examinations at Women’s Christian College-Chennai.  She was also a member of the Board of Studies and the Board of Examiners at Madras Christian College.

She has authored and published papers in International Journals and presented papers in International conferences in Doha Qatar and in Singapore in the area of English Language Teaching and Children’s Literature. She has also audited a course on Creative Writing at IIT(M).

She moderated the session on ‘An Unusual Conversation between a Mother and Daughter – Mrs Vatsala and Dr. K. Srilata’ during the Coimbatore Literary Festival on February 22-23, 2011.

She has attended the Wiley-Blackwell Workshop on “Scholarly Publishing: What it takes to publish” conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. She has attended the Art Appreciation Course in September 2012 conducted by noted Arts Editor and Curator Sadanand Menon organised at Chennai Mathematical Institute.

She has participated in a workshop on ‘Creating Picture Books for Children’, by Deepa Balsaver on 17th February, 2013, conducted by The Hindu, Lit for Life.



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 Journal Publications:

  1. Martha Thindle Karunakar, “Teaching English to Rural Students through a Bridge Course: A Study of a Select Batch in a Technical College”. The English Classroom, Vol.18, Issue 1, June, 2016.
  2. Martha Thindle Karunakar,  “The Role of Children’s Literature in Acquiring LSRW Skills”. Research Journal of English Language and Literature.Vol.2, Issue 1, pp 20-27. 2014.
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