Dr. S.Latha

chemistry_lathaAssistant Professor

Dr. S.Latha M.Sc., Ph.D
Email: lathas@ssn.edu.in

Extn: 238

Dr. S.Latha graduated in chemistry from University of Madras and  held State Tenth Rank. She also received her Master’s Degree (Analytical Chemistry) and Ph.D from University of Madras and Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Annamalai University. During her Doctoral programme, she had worked on ‘Fabrication of Dye-sensitised Solar cells using nanocrystalline TiO2 and Ruthenium bipyridyl complexes as sensitizers at the Department of Energy, University of Madras.

She has thirteen years of teaching cum research experience. Her other areas of research interest includes Heterogenous photocatalysis – Degradation of organic pollutants in water, Homogenous catalysis – Kinetic study of oxidation of Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes and Light induced generation of hydrogen from water. She was also actively involved in developing Creative activities / projects for ‘Learn Science by Doing’ for school children and has guided B.E project work for Mechanical Engineering students on ‘Bio-fuels’.

She has published her research work in International Journals and at conferences in India and abroad. Her research work was presented at International conference ‘IPS-14’, at Sapporo Japan, 2002 and at ‘Asian conference on Solar Energy Materials and Solar cells’ held at Kandy, SriLanka, 2006 and was granted Travel assistance by CSIR, New Delhi.

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