H. Shahul Hamead



Assistant Professor

H. Shahul Hamead B.Tech., M.Tech.(Distributed Computing Systems),

Email: shahulhameadh@ssn.edu.in

Extn: 382


 Mr.H.Shahul Hamead, Assistant Professor in the department of computer Science and Engineering, who has been in teaching profession since 2010. He had completed B.Tech degree(CSE) in 2006 and M.Tech degree (Distributed Computing Systems) in 2009 from Pondicherry Engineering College (Pondicherry University). He has recieved gold medal for the excellence in academics for his M.Tech Degree. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D from Anna University. He is a member of Indian Society for Technical education (ISTE). Green Computing is his primary area of research. Distributed systems and Cloud Computing are the other areas of his interest.

He is the principal Investigator of the funded project titled “Prototyping Green Network Model” sanctioned under SSN Faculty Scheme with the budget of Rs. 5,10,000.

Latest Publication

  • Shahul Hamead.H, Mirnalinee T.T, Sowmya B, “Adaptive Link Rates for Burst based Transmission Towards the prosperity of Green Networks”, in the proceedings of 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems (ANTS), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Nov 2016.

His other publications can be found at the following url


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