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Assistant Professor

Mr. N. Sujaudeen B.E., M.E.,


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Mr. N. Sujaudeen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has  almost 12 years of teaching and research experience.

He received his B.E (CSE) degree first class from Madurai KamarajUniversity , M.E. Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University. He is pursuing his Ph.D work in the area of Cloud Computing in Anna University, Chennai.

He has more than 11 publications in International Journals and Conferences of which two are Refereed SCI Indexed journals.He has attended several National level workshops, Faculty Development Programmes, Orientation Programmes and Conferences.His areas of interest are Distributed Computing, Networking, Big Data Analytics & Machine learning.

He is also an Oracle Certified Associate in Database Administration.

He is a member of ACM, NEN community and a life time member of CSI and ISTE.

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International Journals


  1. N. Sujaudeen, Dr.T.T.Mirnalinee, KripaSekaran, Dr.M.Arunachalam (2015), “A Hybrid algorithm for Effective Load Balancing in Cloud”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol. 10 Special Issue:55, pp. 1715-1718. ISSN 0973-4562. (Scopus Index)
  2. N. Sujaudeen, Dr.T.T.Mirnalinee, Dr.P.G.Venugopal and J.Preethi (2015), “Cloud Service ranking and Selection using Linear Programming”,  International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol. 124, Issue: 3, pp: 39-43, ISSN:0975-8887 (Google Scholar).
  3. N. Sujaudeen, Satish Palaniappan, RaghulAsokan and Srinivas Bharathwaj (2015), “Automated Meter Reading System – A Study”,  International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol. 116, Issue: 18, pp: 39-46, ISSN:0975-8887(Google Scholar).


4.   N. Sujaudeen  and  Ragupathi T., “Dynamic Data Replication for HPC Analytics Applications in Hadoop”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, May 2014, pp. 1-5, ISSN: 2320-0790.

International & National Conferences


1. N. Sujaudeenand  Vaishnavi P (2014),“Resource Scheduling Policy for Dynamic Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud”, Proceedings of National Conference on Recent Trends In Advanced Computing (NCRTAC), Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology,Tirupathi. April 2014. pp.54-59.


2. N. Sujaudeen  and  Gowri P (2013),“Design Load Balancing Framework for Virtualized Cloud”, Proceedings 3rd National Conference on Embryonic Technologies in Information and Computing, SreeSowdambika College of Engineering, Aruppukottai, April 5, 2013, pp.138-142.

3. N. Sujaudeen  and  Aswathaman. B (2013),, “Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Images in DFS”, Proceedings of 3rd Edition of National Conference on Modeling, Simulation, Design and Experimental Study of Electrical System (MOSDES 2013), B.S. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai, April 25-26, 2013, pp.280-283.

4. N. Sujaudeen  and P. Bhuvana, (2013), “XML Based Video Representation in Cloud Architecture”, Proceedings of the International Conference in on Emerging Engineering Trends, Magna College of Engineering, Chennai, Feb.2013.


5. N. Sujaudeen and S. Raghavendran (2010), “Locating Objects Efficiently in a Distributed System using Particle Swarm Optimization” Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Advances in e-Communication &i-Technologies, Anand Institute of Higher Technology, Chennai, April 2010. 


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