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Ms. M. DhanaLakshmi B.E., M.E,


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Ms. M. Dhanalakshmi , Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering has 14 years of teaching experience. She is graduated B.E from St. Peter’s Engineering College, University of Madras in 2001 and M.E Medical Electronics from College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai in 2006. Her area of interest is speech signal processing. She is currently pursuing PhD (part time) at Anna University, Chennai.  She has few publications in international journals. She is a member of IEEE (92532450).

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List of Publications:

  1. Nirmala devi, M.Dhanalakshmi and N.Kumaravel, ‘Back propagation network for segmentation and blood flow velocity determination in coronary angiogram images’, Information Technology Journal 6(2):212-216, 2007, ISSN 1812-5638
  1. Sriraam, J.Roopa, M.Saranya, M.Dhanalakshmi, ‘Performance evaluation of Computer Aided Diagnostic tool (CAD) for detection of Ultrasonic based liver disease’, Journal of Medical systems,(Aug 2009) 33:  267-274 Impact factor: 0.654 ISSN: 0148-5598
  1. Dhanalakshmi, N.Sriraam, G.Ramya, N.Bhargavi, V.Tamilthennagaarasi,’ Computer Aided Diagnosis For Enteric Lesions In Endoscopic Images Using Anfis’, International Journal of Wisdom Based Computing Vol. 2(1), pp 1-5 April 2012.ISSN: 2231-4857
  1. Anbarasi Rajamohan, Hemavathy Rajasekaran, Dhanalakshmi, Deaf-Mute Communication Interpreter, International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology,ISSN 2277-1581, Vol 2 issue 5, pp 336-341 May 2013. IF 0.489 (
  1. Ponmalar, R.Shanthini, R.C.Tharani, M.Dhanalakshmi, Computer-aided diagnostic tool for the detection of macular disorder using retinal OCT images, International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and its Applications volume 3 issue 3 pp 119-123 ISSN 2250-3765 Sept 2013
  1. Dhanalakshmi and P. Vijayalakshmi, “Intelligibility modification on Dysarthric speech using HMM-based adaptive synthesis system” in  the Proceedings of IEEE  sponsored  2ndInternational  Conference  on  Biomedical Engineering  (ICoBE  2015)  at    Penang,  Malaysia, March 2015, pp. 1-5. DOI:10.1109/ICoBE.2015.7235130.
  1. Angel Jenifer, R. Nithya, M. Dhanalakshmi, “Smart Travelling Guide For Visually Challenged”, International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology, Vol (5) Issue (7), July 2016 pp: 383-385, ISSN:2277-1581
  2. M. Dhanalakshmi, T. A. Mariya Celin, T. Nagarajan, P. Vijayalakshmi, “Speech-Input Speech-Output Communication for Dysarthric Speakers Using HMM-Based Speech Recognition and Adaptive Synthesis System”, Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing, DOI 10.1007/s00034-017-0567-9, May 2017.
  1. Sugirtha K.P.S.G., Dhanalakshmi M. (2018) Transliteration of Braille Code into Text in English Language. In: Nandi A., Sujatha N., Menaka R., Alex J. (eds) Computational Signal Processing and Analysis. PP-373-381, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, vol 490. Springer, Singapore
  1. M.Dhanalakshmi, T.A. Mariya Celin, T. Nagarajan, P. Vijayalakshmi, “Electromagnetic Articulograph Sensor-To-Sound Unit Mapping-Based Intelligibility Assessment of Dysarthric Speech” Proceedings of the IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Penang, Malaysia, pp-1784-1789.
  1. A Lakshmanan, SG Devi, MM Nisha, M Dhanalakshmi “Outdoor Obstacle Detection Module to Assist Visually Challenged” Advances in Communication, Devices and Networking, 473-481, 2019
  1. S Jevitha, M Dhanalakshmi, PG Nayar, “Analysis of Left Main Coronary Bifurcation Angle to Detect Stenosis”, International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 627-639, 2018.

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