K. Muthumeenakshi

ece_muthumeenaAssistant Professor
K. Muthumeenakshi  B.E., M.E., (Ph.D)



K.Muthumeenakshi is an Assistant professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SSN College of Engineering. She has experience in the field of teaching for more than 10 years which includes two years of research. Before joining SSN she worked in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai & Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. Her research interest includes work on statistical signal processing, detection theory, spectrum sensing issues in cognitive radios and MAC layer design for cognitive radios. She has published papers in International and National Conferences.

She received her BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Bharathiar University and M.E degree  in Applied Electronics from Anna University. To her credit, she is Gold medalist in her ME programme and currently pursuing her PhD at Anna University Chennai. She is a member of IEEE and life member of ISTE.


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