Associate Professor

Dr.B.S. Sreeja B.E., M.E., P.hD.

Email: sreejabs@ssn.edu.in

Ph. Extn:579


Dr.B.S.Sreeja, received her Bachelor of Engineering degree from Bharathidasan University, Trichy in 2002 and the Master of Engineering and Doctoral degrees from Sathyabama University, Chennai, India. As her credential she was a district topper in her school board examinations.

As a part of her research she has designed and implemented a low-power low-noise MEMS based Voltage Controlled Oscillator for wireless communication applications, especially in 2.4GHz frequency range. The work was supported by Linton University College Malaysia. She has over 14 years of teaching experience including an overseas experience of 3.5 Years. She has received funded project from BRNS and international travel support from DST.

In her teaching experience she has guided more than 70 UG and PG projects. In her credit, she filed few patents and published 40 refereed Journal papers and more than 60 Conference papers. Her current research interests involve Devices including MEMS, NEMS and RF structures.


  1. Recipient of DST ITS Travel grant
  2. Best Faculty Award: 2014-2015
  3. Best Faculty Award: 2015-2016
  4. Best Faculty Award: 2016-2017
  5. Best paper awards-5
  6. Best Faculty Award: 2017-2018

Phd Scholars Completed

  1. Chithradevi R, 1524499182, Anna University, Design of Compact Printed Multi-band MIMO Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems, Completed in October 2018.
  2. Joshitha C, 1525499268, Anna University, Design and Development of Bi-stable Switch/Valve for Drug Delivery Systems, Completed in January 2019.
  3. Manikandan E, 1615399124, Anna University, Micromachining of thin films using Pulsed lasers for terahertz components fabrication, Completed in August 2019.

Patents Filed

  1. S.Sreeja, Joshitha C, Radha S, “Novel 3T Head Actuation Mechanism with Low Actuation Voltage for Bistable Switching Mechanism”, 201641012220.
  2. S.Sreeja, Nafiza, Chithra Devi R, Radha S, “Compact Mushroom Shaped Multi Band Antenna with Slot Loaded Elliptical Micro strip and improved Performance Diversity, 201641023407.
  3. Manikandan,Sreeja B S & Radha S “A method of fabricating micro features in NbN superconductor using ns-pulsed laser”, 201841030305/CHE/2018.
  4. Indhu R, Radha S,Sreeja B S, Manikandan E, “Quantifying Cholesterol Level in Human Serum using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy”, 201841030310/CHE/2018 

Book Chapters

  1. Padmalaya G, Manikandan E,  Radha S, Sreeja BS,  Senthil Kumar P 2019, “Patterned 2D Thin Films Topological Insulators for Potential Plasmonic Applications”, Wiley Scavenger Publications, Online ISBN: 9781119407317 (Chapter 10, Advanced Materials Series).
  2. Padmalaya G, Sreeja BS, Kavitha G 2019,” Synthesis techniques of Nanostructured materials and its image analysis for particle size distribution”, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., ISBN: 9781536150193 (Chapter 7, Advances in Nano Instrumentation Systems and Computational Techniques). 

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Funded Projects :

1. Title : Omni-Directional to Directional Pattern Switching Patch Antenna for Wireless Sensor Nodes at Reactor Containment Building.
  Organization : DAE BRNS
  Sanctioned Amount : 26.26 L
  Status : Ongoing
  Role : Principal Investigator
2. Title : Development of Cost Effective Wearable Semi-Automatic Insulin Delivery Smart Micro System.
  Organization : DST BDTD
  Sanctioned Amount : 36.06 L
  Status : Ongoing
  Role : Principal Investigator
3. Title : Development of Ultrasonic Sensors for Monitoring Heavy Mineral Accumulation in the littoral Zone of Mahabalipuram Coast.
  Organization : TNSCST
  Sanctioned Amount : 4.8 L
  Status : Ongoing
  Role : Co-Investigator
4. Title : InDeGEMS
  Organization : CODEV grant, EPFL, Switzerland
  Sanctioned Amount : 6.9 L
  Status : Completed
  Role : Principal Investigator
5. Title : Fabrication and Characterization of Bistable MEMS Switch
  Organization : SSN trust
  Sanctioned Amount : 5.5 L
  Status : Completed
  Role : Principal Investigator
6. Title : Design of MEMS Based Vibration Energy Harvester
  Organization : SSN trust
  Sanctioned Amount : 1.5 L
  Status : Completed
  Role : Co-Investigator
7. Title : Electromagnetic Infrared Energy Harvester on Flexible Substrate
  Organization : SSN trust
  Sanctioned Amount : 2.13 L
  Status : Completed
  Role : Principal Investigator


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