UG Lab (equipped to handle 65 independent experiments at a time)

  • Ultrasonic Interferometers
  • Young’s modulus of beams -by uniform bending
  • Young’s modulus of beams by non-uniform bending
  • Torsion Pendulum apparatus
  • Viscosity measurement set-up using Poiseillus method
  • Lees Disc apparatus
  • Thermo Emf  measurement system–Potentiometer based
  • Carey-Foster’s Bridge
  • Melde’s  String apparatus
  • Optical Fiber –NA measurement system
  • Biot-Savart law apparatus
  • Air- Wedge Experimental set-up
  • Bandgap determination set-up
  • Spectrometers
  • Travelling Microscopes
  • Laser diodes (650 nm)
  • Gratings, Prisms, Lenses
  • Mercury vapor lamps
  • Sodium Vapor lamps
  • Vernier Calipers (Manual)
  • Vernier Caliper (Digital)
  • Screw Gauges (Manual)
  • Screw gauge (Digital)
  • Racer timers
  • Electronic  balance

Crystal Growth Lab (In-Charge  Dr.P.Rajesh)

  • Czochralski facility
  • Bridgeman facility
  • SouthBay Crystal Cutting Machine
  • Electronic Characterisation facility

Optical Research & Networks Lab (In-Charge Dr Prita Nair)

  • Yokagawa Optical Spectrum Analyser(600-1700nm) (SSN Trust)
  • Newport Manual Grating Monochromator  (Grating optimized for 1500-1600nm )
  • Thor Labs Broadband Fiber coupled  Laser source (1490-1650nm)
  • Thor labs-Fiber coupled Tunable Laser source (1530nm-1650nm) (AICTE funding)
  • LiNb external modulator (Thor Labs)
  • Optical breadboards and Michelson Interferometer set-up (SSN Trust)
  • Laser diode (530nm)
  • 3 axis nanopositioner (Thor Labs)
  • Single mode fibers and solid core photonic crystal fibers
  • Probe station with camera (DST Funding)
  • SOI wafers, SiN targets
  • Microlens for fiber-to-chip coupling
  • Multi-beam laser interference set-up

Device prototypes fabricated :

  •  Fixed Si-Air PBG optical filters
  •  Electrostatically tuned MEMS based Optical Add drop filters
  •  Electrostatically tuned MEMS based Mini Optical Spectrum Analyser
  •  Electrothermal actuators
  • Si waveguide with Si-EO PBG resonator & Glass –EO PBG based tunable optical filters
  • PCF based optical sensors         

SSN National MEMS Design Centre (SSN-NMDC)

  •  (In-Charges  Dr Prita Nair, Physics  & Dr. Sreeja B.S, ECE)
  •  Intellisense MEMS Sofware Suite – 2 licenses (AICTE & MHRD-NPMASS funding)
  •  COMSOL Multiphysics – 30 user licenses (MHRD-NPMASS funding)
  •   L-Edit  -1 license (MHRD-NPMASS funding)
  •   Coventorware -1 license (MHRD-NPMASS funding)
  •   Programmable microprocessor with  add-on MEMs navigation and pressure sensor board   (SSN-Trust)

   Si Device Prototypes fabricated :

  • Fixed Si-Air PBG filters
  • Electrostatically tuned MEMS based Optical Add drop filters
  • Electrostatically tuned MEMS based Mini Optical Spectrum Analyser
  • Electrothermal actuators
  • Electrothermal Actuator based Dual and Quad RF-MEMS switch

Functional Materials Lab (In-Charge Dr Julie Charles & S. Singaravadivelu )

  •  Tubular furnace
  • Ultrasonicator
  • Magnetic Stirrer with  Hot Plate
  • Magnetic Stirrer without Hot Plate
  • Vacuum oven with the vacuum pump
  • Muffle furnace
  • Hot air oven
  • Centrifuge machine
  • Digital weighing balance
  • Vacuum desiccators
  • Mini-Fridge  
  • The experimental setup for the unidirectional growth method of Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy

Sonic & Ultrasonic Bandgap and Metamaterials Lab (In-Charge Dr Prita Nair)

  • Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver (JSR make) (NRB Funding)
  • Broadband transducers (40kHz-150kHz) (NRB Funding)
  • Hydrophones (for use upto 200km underwater) (NRB Funding)
  • Needle Hydrophones (NRB Funding)
  • Tektronix Storage Oscilloscope (NRB Funding)
  • Sonic amplifiers
  • Helmholtz resonator and membrane based array based
  • single and dual negative metamaterials (Indigenous)

High temperature Crystal Growth & Ceramics Lab (In-Charge Dr G.Anandha babu)

  • Molybdenum Disilicide heating modules (DRDO Funding)
  • Tubular furnaces (DAE-BRNS Funding)
  • Bridgman facility (DAE-BRNS Funding)
  • Flux growth facility (DRDO Funding)
  • Top seeded solution growth facility (SERB Funding)
  • Platinum crucibles (DRDO Funding)
  • High Vacuum pumping system (DAE-BRNS Funding)
  • LCR Meter Wayne kerr (DRDO Funding) 
  • Hydraulic press (CSIR Funding)                                               

Thin Film Lab (In-Charge Dr. Prita Nair)

  •  Fume Hood
  •  Programmable spin coater with vacuum holder
  •  Dual heat-source  programmable thermal chamber for growth of organic crystalline thin films
  •  Magnetic stirrers,
  •  Hot plate
  •  Electrochemical Wet Etching Set-up for  Si Wafers
  •  SiN target
  •  Desiccators
  •  Mini-Fridge

    Films developed:

  • PEDOT-PSS conducting membranes
  • PDMS films
  • Electro-optic crystalline and multicrystalline organic BNA films on glass & Si substrates/patterned surfaces

Luminescence Lab (In-Charge Dr S.M.M.Kennedy) 

  • UV-Vis Spectrofluorometer with mini heater (upto 210 degree Celsius)
  • Quantum efficiency measurement setup for  powder phosphors
  • Thermoluminescence Emission setup ( FACULTY INTERNAL PROJECT, SSN)
  • UV-Vis Reflectance probe ( SSN FUNDING)
  • Muffle furnace ( upto 1100 degree Celsius )
  • Tubular furnace ( DST-SERB funding, upto 1300 degree Celsius )

Radiation research Facility (In-Charge Dr Rajalakshmi A & Dr. A Chandrasekharan)

  • Gamma Ray spectrometer (BRNS finding)
  • Microsurvey Meter (BRNS finding)

Ceramics Lab (Under CREST) (In-Charge Dr N.P Rajesh)

  • Atomic Emission Spectroscope -1
  • P-E loop tracer
  • Dielectric measurement facility
  • Piezoelectric measurement facility
  • Ball mill
  • Tubular Furnace
  • Hot plate
  • Magnetic stirrers,
  • Hydraulic press         

Crystal Growth Lab (Under CREST) (In-Charges  Dr N.P Rajesh)

  • Czochralski Crystal Growth facility
  • Bridgeman facility (low temperature and high temperature)
  • Low temperature solution growth facility
  • Water baths (amb. Temp to 96 deg)
  • Water bath (4 deg to 96 deg)
  • High Temperature solution growth facility
  • Crystal puller with translation and rotation facility
  • Platinum crucibles

Water analysis lab (Under CREST)(In-Charge Dr N.P Rajesh)         

  • Ion Chromatograph
  • UV spectro photometer
  • BOD incubator
  • Water purifier (micro level)
  • pH meter
  • TDS meter                   

Meteorological Tower (Under CREST)(In-Charge Dr N.P Rajesh)

  • Tower
  • Data acquisition system

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