Ms. S. Uma Maheswari

Assistant Professor

Ms. S. Uma Maheswari M.E., (Ph.D)


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Ms. S. Uma Maheswari has over 7 years of teaching experience and 5 years of industrial experience. She also has research experience on a project titled ‘Software Synthesis for Signal Processing Embedded Applications’ funded by Indian Naval Research Board. She received her B.E (CSE) degree with first class from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore and M.E. (Embedded System Technologies) from College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai and currently pursuing Ph.D (part time programme) from Anna University, Chennai. Her research interests include speech processing, pattern recognition and scheduling in real time systems.

She has 8 research publications in international journals and in proceedings of national/international conferences in the areas of speech processing and scheduling in real time systems.

Journals and Conferences

  1. Ms. Divya J, Shahina A and Ms. S. Uma Maheswari “ Building speaker recognition system using Lombard speech” at the International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Robotics & Mechanical Engineering (ICEERME), Chennai on 25th May 2014.
  2. Mehala M, Shahina A and S. Uma Maheswari, “Mapping Lombard speech to normal speech” in the International conference on electrical, Electronics, Robotics & Mechanical Engineering (ICEERME) conducted by IRAJ Research Forum, Chennai on 25th May 2014.
  3. Uma Maheswari S, Arul Bellarmin, Dr. Anitha S Pillai, Dr. R Devanthan, “A Framework for verifying the Timing Characteristics of Real-Time Systems”, Proceedings of the IEEE International Advanced Computing Conference, Thapar University, Punjab, March 2009.

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