The MBA program of SSN School of Management is the first choice of aspirants seeking admission into University-affiliated colleges in Tamil Nadu. This is reflected in the seats of the Institution getting filled in the first couple of hours of General Counseling for admission to the Government Quota.

MBA program is a residential program since they are PG programs. Students need to stay in the campus to use all facilities available, maximize their learning and ready themselves to face the industry.

The programs follow the curricula of Anna University. The University upgrades the curricula dynamically in tune with the requirements of the industry. The faculty of the college contribute significantly to the curriculum development. The University adopts a semester system which leads to a frequent testing of the students’ absorption of the course content.

The classroom pedagogy involves the case method, group discussion, role-play, business games, and workshops. The students are encouraged to actively participate, and challenge themselves in the learning process. Extensive use is made of technology in the teaching process with a centralized repository of academic resources called GARC (Graduate Academic Resource Center).

The MBA program is of 4 semesters (2 years) duration. The evaluation of students comprises of both internal assessment by the faculty and examinations by the University. Internal tests are conducted periodically to assess the performance continuously.

The course curricula also include real-time projects undertaken by the students in various companies in their chosen field of specialization. The students are therefore “industry ready” when they leave the institution. In addition, a number of projects are undertaken by the students as a regular part of their electives during the course.

The campus offers a modern, technology enabled, and student friendly academic ambience. The campus is equipped with a state of art auditorium, five computer labs, air conditioned seminar hall and an impressive library. The experienced core faculty of the school, and eminent adjunct faculty from the industry sustain our educational goal of developing the professional human resources, equipped to face the challenges of the business world.

The emphasis of the school is to encourage students to

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary outlook
  • Be open to diverse view points
  • Work in teams
  • Evaluate conflicting situations
  • Apply the analytical mind to business and IT problems
  • Articulate well thought out positions

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