Dr. Srinivas S

Assistant Professor

Srinivas S, Assistant Professor in the Department of English, has taught English in India since July of 2015 and has been at SSN since August 2017.

He received a B.A., in English Literature from Loyola College Chennai in 2002 and  an M.A., in Linguistics from the English and Foreign Languages University. He did his PhD work in the area of phonology, and has received doctoral degrees from EFLU (2012) and the Hong Kong Baptist University (2016).

Although of Srinivas’s research focuses mainly on the phonology of Tamil and prosodic structuring, he has lately developed an interest in English Language Teaching. His background as a theoretical linguist helps him in his English classes, allowing him to place facts concerning English in a broader cross-linguistic landscape. He has presented his research at conferences in India and abroad, and both his research work and his creative work have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.

Recent research (conference/journal papers and talks)

  1. Srinivas S & Siddhartha Raju (2018). English-Tamil Blends in a Film Song. Shanlax Journal of English Studies, 6(4), pp. 6-10.
  2. Srinivas S & Vishakha Kudva (2018). Nasal Vowels and Homophony Avoidance in Spoken Tamil. Paper presented on 22 June at All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists, Kolkata, India: Jadavpur University.
  3. Srinivas S & Harish Rajaraman (2018). The Use of Analogies in Teaching Lexis. The English Classroom, 20(1), pp. 31-40.
  4. Srinivas S (2017). Where Does This Bus Go? Towards the Phonology of Abbreviations. Veda’s Journal of English Language and Literature (JOELL), Volume 4, Special Issue 2, pp. 6-10.
  5. Srinivas S & Vishakha Kudva (2017b). Echoes of Sound in English Spelling. In R. H. Hauzel & M. Lalitha Sridevi (eds.), English Language and Literature: Critical Perspectives (pp. 132-144). Hyderabad: GITAM University Press.
  6. Srinivas S & Vishakha Kudva (2017a). Moraic Influences on /h/ in Adhilabad Gondi. The International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, 46(2), pp. 71-98. With Vishakha Kudva.
  7. Srinivas S (2016). Polish Yers in Harmonic Serialism. The EFL Journal, 7(1), 47-71.
  8. Srinivas S & Lian-Hee Wee (2014). Review of ‘Ramakanth Agnihotri and Rajendra Singh (Eds.), Indian English: Towards a New Paradigm. Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan, 2013, xx+313pp. (ISBN-10: 8125043713, ISBN-13: 978-8125043713).’ Pragmatics and Society, 5(3), 515-519. With Lian-Hee Wee.
  9. Srinivas S & Vishakha Kudva (2017a). Right-edge Matters: VN-Coalescence and Anti-homophony in Tamil. Paper presented on February 10 at Dwani Vandanam: a Symposium in Honour of Prof. K. G. Vijayakrishnan. Hyderabad, India: EFL University.

Recent creative work

  1. ‘Escape’ (poem, October 2018). Spark Magazine, India.
  2. ‘On the Serious Business of Comedy’ (essay, August 2018). Literary Yard.
  3. ‘Words’ (poem, September 2018). The Criterion: an International Journal in English (ISSN: 0976-8165), Volume 9, Issue 4.
  4. ‘Twin Rainbows’ and ‘Anatomy of (a) Thought’ (poems, June 2018). Indian Review.
  5. ‘A Grammarian’s Birthday’ (poem, May 2018). The Criterion: an International Journal in English (ISSN: 0976-8165), Volume 9, Issue 2. URL: http://www.the-criterion.com/V9/n2/Srinivas.pdf
  6. ‘On Struggle’ (essay, February 2018). The Ashvamegh Journal (ISSN: 2454-4574), Issue
  7. . ‘The adequate artistry of M Vijay’ (opinion piece, February 2018). Espncricinfo.
  8. ‘Kindred Goodbyes’, ‘From the Lighthouse, in the Rain’, ‘An Apology for Form’, ‘Stoic’, ‘Even If the Rain Falls’ and ‘Bad Coffee’ (poems, December 2017). Muse India (ISSN: 0975-1815), Issue 76.
  9. ‘Small Town’ (poem, October 2017). The Madras Mag, Third Anniversary Special Issue

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