Dr. K. Rajkumar


Associate Professor

Dr. K. Rajkumar M. Tech., Ph.D           ,

Email: rajkumark@ssn.edu.in

Extn: 524


Dr K. Rajkumar did B.E Production Engineering from Govt College of Technology coimbatore, and M.Tech Manufacturing Technology NIT Trichy, and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi, in the area of Microwave processing and Tribology of Metal Matrix Composites.

Academic Second rank holder-2006 in Department of Production Engineering, NIT-Trichy
Tamilnadu state council for science and technology award for MTech thesis
Area of Interest: Tribology, Advanced materials processing, Composites, Polymer Composites”

·      Has 5 year teaching experience & 5.5 years Academic research experience.
·      Teaches Advanced manufacturing process
Published 10 international highly reputed journal paper, twelve international conference and two book chapter.

International journal

1. K. Rajkumar, S. Aravindan, Microwave sintering of copper–graphite composites, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2009, 209:5601-5605. (Impact Factor-1.953) (citation-62)

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List of Publications 

  1. M.Sankar, A.Gnanavelbabu, K.Rajkumar, N. A. Thushal, Electrolytic Concentration Effect on the Abrasive Assisted- Electrochemical Machining of Aluminium-Boron Carbide Composite, Materials and Manufacturing processes, Vol.32 No.6, (2017), 687-692,
  2. A.Gnanavelbabu, K.Rajkumar, P.Saravanan, Investigation on the Cutting Quality Characteristics of Abrasive Water jet Machining of AA6061-B4C-hBN Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites, Materials and Manufacturing processes, Vol.33 (2018) No.12, 1313-1323.
  3.   P. Loganathan, A. Gnanavelbabu, K. Rajkumar, Analysis and Characterization of Friction Behaviour on AA7075/ZrB2 Composite Under Dry Sliding Condition, Materials Research Express, Vol.6 No.2, Page No : 026576, 2019, DOI https://doi.org/10.1088/2053-1591/aaf1fe 
  4. P Sabarinathan , VE Annamalai and K Rajkumar, Evaluation of thermal stability and damping behavior of electrical insulator waste reinforced thermoset polymer composite, Proc IMechE Part C: J Mechanical Engineering Science, Vol. 233 (10), 3603-3618, (2019), DOI: 10.1177/0954406218823229 
  5.  K.Ramraji, K Rajkumar, P Sabarinathan, Tailoring of tensile and dynamic thermomechanical properties of interleaved chemical treated fine almond shell particulate flax fibre stacked vinyl ester polymeric composites, Proc IMechE Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications, DOI: 10.1177/1464420719849616
  6. M.Sankar, A.Gnanavelbabu, K.Rajkumar, Parametric Optimisation of Abrasive Assisted Electro Chemical Machining of Al6061-B4C-Gr Using Taguchi-Grey Technique,  Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, Vol. 23(1) (2017) 67- 87, ISNN   1310-4772 
  7. K. Rajkumar, L.Poovazhan, G. Selvakumar, B. Muthukumar, Wire electrical discharge machining integrity studies on the aluminium nano composite, Advances in Manufacturing Processes, Springer Nature Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, (2019),  pp 543-554  
  8.  K. Rajkumar, A. Gnanavelbabu, K. M. Nambiraj, Accelerated testing model prediction of fatigue life of AA5083-H111 – AA6061-T6 friction stir weldment, Advances in Manufacturing Processes, Springer Nature Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, (2019),  pp 573-581  
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