Dr. M.S. Alphin


Associate Professor

Dr. M.S. Alphin M.E, Ph.D

Email: alphinms@ssn.edu.in

Extn: 418



Dr. Alphin received Doctoral degree Ph.D from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli under the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the area of vibration. He completed Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Degree from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai and University of Madras respectively. He has total teaching and research experience for more than 13 years.Dr. M.S. Alphin research interests are in Vibration, Product Design, Human factors in Engineering & Design and Biomechanics.

  • He has12 International Journals, Funded projects (22 Lakhs), Conducted Sponsored Conference/ FDP (25 Lakhs) to his credit.
  • He has also engaged in the real time industrial consultancy for design and vibration problems.
  • Dr. Alphin has participated in the International Congress on Sound and Vibration, Organised by International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, USA which was held at Bangkok, Thailand. He received Travel Grant from SSN Trust and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India for presenting his technical paper in the International Conference.
  • He is a reviewer for refereed International journals in his area of interest.
  • He teaches Kinematics of machinery, Dynamics of machinery, Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics, Machine Drawing, Engineering Graphics, Finite Element Analysis for B.E/B.Tech and Computer application in Design, Computer Graphics, Mechanical Vibration, Human Factors and Product Design for M.E/ M.Tech.
  • He was certified for “best all round abilities” in graduate level and for Producing “Centum results” as a faculty.
  • Dr. M.S. Alphin is currently handling two sponsored student projects funded by SSN Trust.
  • Dr. M.S. Alphin is a recognised supervisor for guiding Ph.D and M.S (By Research) scholars of Anna University, Chennai.
  • Currently 9Ph.D research scholars of Anna University are working under his supervision.


Title Funding Agency Amount Status
“Design and Development of Novel handle shapes to overcome vibration discomfort” Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India 18.86 Lakhs Ongoing



Title Funding Agency Amount Duration
Computer Aided Product Design AICTE 6 Lakhs Two weeks

15 June 2015 to 27 June 2015Research Trends in Finite Element MethodsSSN0.1 LakhsOne day

15 March 2013


Conference/Workshop/Invited Talk Activity/venue
International Conference on Human Machine Interaction Conference session Chair
Research Methodology Lecture for Two day workshop
International Conference on Technological Developments in Engineering (ICTDE’15) Keynote lecture and Chair
AICTE sponsored FDP on Modern manufacturing Challenges Resource person to deliver lecture for Faculty Development Programme conducted at RMK Inst. of Engg. and Tech
New Product Development Guest Lecture at St Joseph’s Institute of Technology
Doctoral Committee Member Anna University,

VIT University and

Karunya University

Project Examiner-Poster Presentation

Inaugural Chief Guest and to deliver a technical lecture in Faculty Development Training Program on FEA

Technical Lecture-Vibration Mitigation, One day WorkshopKCG Tech


St Josephs Inst. of Technology



Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering, Sriperumbuthur (SVCE)



Title Funding Agency Duration
International Conference on Mechanical Engineering Design (ICMED 2016)

https://sites.google.com/site/icmed2016/SSN Trust25-26 April 2016         15 Lakhs


International Journal:

Alphin.M.S,K.Sankaranarayanasamy,S.P.Sivapirakasam,”Experimental evaluation of Whole Body Vibration exposure from tracked excavators with hydraulic breaker attachment in rock breaking operations “Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration And Active Control, Volume 29 Number 2 2010,Pp.101-110. (Cited by 7), DOI: 10.1260/0263-0923.29.2.101, ImpactFactor: 0.263.

Alphin.M.S,K.Sankaranarayanasamy,S.P.Sivapirakasam “Experimental Investigation to study the Influence of Handle Diameter on Low Frequency Hand Arm Vertical Vibration” Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, Vol. 22, No.6, 2011, DOI: 10.1002/hfm.20306 , Impact Factor: 0.862.

Alphin.M.S, K.Sankaranarayanasamy “Finite Element Analysis to predict the Dynamic Characteristics of Human Trunk-Neck-Head for Whole Body Vibration” International Journal of Human Factors Modeling and Simulation, Volume 2, Issue 1/2, Pp14 – 25, 2011.

Alphin.M.S, K.Sankaranarayanasamy, S.P.Sivapirakasam “Segmental Vibration characteristics of seated occupant from lumped parameter models” Journal of Vibration and control, Volume 18 Issue 11 pp. 1683 – 1689, October 2012, 10.1177/1077546311423065, Impact Factor: 4.355.

Alphin M S and K Sankaranarayanasamy , Identification of Vibration Exposure Disorder in Operators of Compaction Roller, Mobile Crane, Tracked Excavator with Breaker and Industrial Truck through Field Survey, Journal: Engineering Management Reviews, ISSN: 2326-5876, PP. 30-35, Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2013.

Alphin M S and K Sankaranarayanasamy, Hand transmitted vibration in tracked excavators with breaker has been Published in the Proceedings of the ICSV20, International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration, ISBN:978-616-551-682-2, Volume 18, No 2, June 2013.Impact Factor: 0.421.

KaushikBalaji and Alphin M S, published a technical research paper titled “Computer Aided Human factors analysis of the industrial vehicle driver cabin to improve occupational Safety”, International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion, 1-9, 2015, DOI: 10.1080/17457300.2014.992351,Impact Factor: 1.047.

Sriramkausik K and Alphin M S Experimental Study for Dynamic and Surface Interaction Characteristics of Knee in-Vitro, Journal :P rocedia Engineering, pp. 321-327, DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2016.05.139, Impact factor:0.629, 2016,  (Scopus Indexed)

Bharathkumar A and Alphin M S, New Mechanism to improve the competences of Power Generation, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vo. 852, pp 575-581, 2016 (Imp Factor:0.13).

N S Siddharth,SVishakaraj S, Alphin M S, Vigneshwar M, Vijayakumar L, Design of Crank Operated reciprocating hacksaw, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vo. 852, pp 564-567, 2016 (Imp Factor:0.13).

International Conferences:

B Jain A R Tony, Alphin M S and Velmurugan D, Dynamic Characteristics of Dental Implant, in International Conference on Condition Monitoring (ICCM-2016)conducted by Condition Monitoring Society of India held at GITAM Univ Vishakhapatnam, 26-27 October 2016.

Selvaarasan S and Alphin M S, Analysis of Musculoskeletal disorders associated with welders, International Conference on HWWE, held at IIT Bombay, 09-12-2015.

SriramKausk K and Alphin M S, Dynamic and Surface Interaction Characteristics of Knee in-Vitro, 12th International Conference on Vibration Problems, IIT Guwahati, ICOVP, Dec 2015.

Gopal .M, Alphin.M.S, Bharanidaran R, Ramesh T “Design of Compliant Mechanism Microgripper Utilizing the Hoekens Straight Line Mechanism” presented and Published in the International Conference on Advances in Design and Manufacturing (ICAD&M’14) held at NIT Trichy 6 Dec 2014.

M.S.Alphin and K. KaushikBalaji “Computer Aided Human Factors Analysis of Industrial Vehicle Driver Cabin to Improve Occupational Health” at OCCUCON 2014 – International Conclave on Occupational Health Organised by Indian Association of Occupational Health, was held in Goa from February 11 – 14, 2014.

Paul Chandra Kumar , M.S.Alphin, M. Anbarasan, S.Naveen Kumar, M.Perarasan, Kinematic Simulation of Human Gait Cycle Using MSC Adams,  Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, ISSN: 0974-2115, JCHPS Special Issue 6: March 2015.

G. Ramanathan and M.S.Alphin, paper titled “Design and development of a device to harvest piezoelectricity generated out of mechanical vibrations and tire deformation in automobiles” presented as poster and published in sovenier of International Conference on frontiers in Energy Environment, health and Material research conducted by CSIR-Institute of Minerals and materials Technology, Bhubaneswar and Indian JSPS Alumni Asociation, Toyo University, Sponsor: Japan Society for Promotion of science, PP72, 12th and 13 th August , 2013

Alphin M S and K Sankaranarayanasamy, Hand transmitted vibration in tracked excavators with breaker, International Conference on Sound and Vibration ICSV20, held at Bangkok, June 2013.

Akshaya C, D. Saranyapriyadharshini, S.Sowdhami, A.Kavitha, M.S.Alphin. “Reconstruction of Osteoporotic Femur bone from CT Images”, Proceedings of International Conference on pattern Recognition Applications and Technique, ISBN: 978-1-25-905849-3, 1-2 March 2013.

Karthick S and Alphin M S, Analytical study on pipe material during fluid flow published in the Proceedings of International Conference on Advancements in polymeric Materials, Organised by Advanced Research school of Technology and Product Development, CIPET, March 01-03, 2013.

Alphin.M.S, Madhumitha D, Thilakraj C “Study and Analysis on Race Car Frame Structure”, was presented at the International Simulation Conference of India, ISCI-2013 held in IIT Madras Research Park, February 21-23, 2013.

Alphin M S and K Sankaranarayanasamy “Vibration Exposure disorder in operator of Compact roller, Mobile crane, tracked excavator and industrial truck” Proceeding of International Conference on Humanized work and work environment ERGO 2012, Astral International (P) Ltd, pg. 83-89, ISBN 978-93-5130-270-4, 6-8 Dec 2012.

Alphin.M.S, K. Sankaranarayanasamy, S.P.Sivapirakasam “Whole Body Vibration in Tracked Excavators with Hydraulic Breaker”, Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Industrial Engineering Applications, Anna University, Chennai, Paper No.: HM 08, 6 – 8 January 2010.

Alphin.M.S, K. Sankaranarayanasamy, S.P.Sivapirakasam “Whole Body Vibration Characteristics from Lumped Parameter Mathematical Models” International Conference in Mathematical modeling in Industrial Application, MMIP-2011, NIT Calicut, March 2011.

Alphin.M.S, SundaraRao.M, K.Sankaranarayanasamy “Lumped parameter model to study the segmental vibration transmissibility for a seated occupant of different body masses in tracked excavator with hydraulic breaker attachment” 34th ICSMRI, IIT Kharagpur, December 7-10 Dec 2011.

Alphin M, Sankaranarayanasamy ,Sundara Rao , “Experimental Investigations and Mathematical Modeling to Study Seat to Head Vibration Transmissibility”, International Conference HWWE, IIT Madras, 15-17 December 2011.


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