Dr. K.S. Jayakumar,


Associate Professor

Dr. K.S. Jayakumar, M.Tech (IITD), M.S (SMA), Ph.D (NTU-Singapore)


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Dr. K. S. Jayakumar did B.E Mechanical Engineering from Angala Amman College of Engineering, Trichy, M.Tech in Energy Studies from IIT Delhi, Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems & Technology from Singapore-MIT Alliance and PhD in Machine Intelligence from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore under the guidance of Dr. Xie Ming.

As part of the PhD research work, He proposed new computational model of mind for robots to learn and understand the natural language. He has developed text to scene conversion system for spatial language text. In that the meaning of words are modeled in terms of mathematical parameters and it does not depend on symbols or strings of the language.

He invented new methodology for spoken English training that makes the students to learn spoken English in their mother tongue and without English grammar. This methodology is more popular among Tamil students today and around more than two lakhs learners have read his study materials. (www.nlrc.in)

Currently, He is working on design and development of educational purpose humanoid robot.

Areas of interest: Machine Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Humanoid Robot, Farm Machinery for Organic Farming, Spoken English.

Dr. K. S. Jayakumar
o    Has around 5 years of teaching experience
o    Has 3 international journal papers, 6 International conference papers and 3 Books to his credit
o    Teaches: Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Economics and  Basic Mechanical Engineering

List of Publications

1. K. S. Jayakumar, “Computational Model of Mind for a Robot to Understand Natural Language”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Applications, Vol.2, No. 5, 2014.

2. B Thiyaneswaran, R Kandiban, K. S. Jayakumar, Elimination of Iris Hazards Intended for Localization Using Visible Features of Iris Region, Procedia Engineering, Elsevier Publisher Vol.38, 246-252, 2012.

3. S. Vijayshankar, N. Kannan , K. S. Jayakumar, Performance Improvement in Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor using Hiperco Stator Magnetic Core. European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.72 No.4, pp. 589-598, 2012

4. G. Muruganandam, K. S. Jayakumar, A Novel Perpendicular Magnetic Gear with High Gear Ratio. European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.69 No.4, pp. 593-598, 2012.

5. S. Vijayshankar, N. Kannan, K. S. Jayakumar, (2011). Design and performance analysis of quadruple winding redundancy brushless dc motor, International Review of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 6 N. 5, September- October, 2011.



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