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Language and Literature: Dynamic Resources in the ELT Classroom

Language and Literature: Dynamic Resources in the ELT Classroom

SSN College of Engineering, Chennai is proud to have Dr. N S Prabhu as the Chief Guest and Keynote speaker at the two-day international conference being organized on 10-11 November, 2017 at the college. Dr. N. S. Prabhu was former Deputy Head, Department of Language and Literature, National University of Singapore and was also a Language Studies Officer at the British Council, Chennai. He  is a teacher and researcher par excellence who through the highly commended  ‘Communicational Teaching Project’ or the ‘Bangalore Project’ (1974 to 80)  and his seminal book, , ‘The Second Language Pedagogy’ published by OUP (1987) placed  India on the world map of the teaching of English

The Wikipedia entry on ‘Task-based Language Teaching’ includes these lines: “TBLT was popularized by N. (S) Prabhu while working in Bangalore, India. Prabhu noticed that his students could learn language just as easily with a non-linguistic problem as when they were concentrating on linguistic questions.”

Dr. Prabhu has always spent his energy in creating visible change and his path-breaking ideas such as the ‘teacher’s sense of plausibility’ have had a great impact on the teaching of English in India and abroad.

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