1-Day Teachers’ Conclave
Pursuing excellence in teaching
(A professional development programme for teachers in higher education)

The above Conclave, organized by SSN Good Citizenship Forum (GCF) in association with Rajaji Centre for Public Affairs (RCPA) and SSN ISTE Chapter, was held on Saturday, January 7, 2017.

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The opening session of the conclave started with the guru vandhanam followed by Principal Dr. S. Salivahanan’s welcome address. Dr. K. T. Selvan, Conclave Chair, presented the central idea of the event. He emphasized the importance of being reflective and of the relationship between trust, excellence and job satisfaction in the teaching profession, and the fact that these aspects significantly impact students’ educational experience.

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In his address, Shri. B.S. Raghavan, RCPA, discussed how teachers play a crucial role in building a bright future, making references to couplets and ancient literature in Tamil. Following this, the keynote address on ‘The emerging dimensions of teaching and learning’ was delivered by Dr. M. Anandakrishnan, Former Chairman, IIT Kanpur. He explained the ancient education system, relating it with modern approaches and also explained emerging trends in teaching such as the ‘Flipped Class Room’. Dr. K. Ganesan, Former Principal, Vivekananda College, Chennai delivered a talk on ‘Teaching- A journey of discovery’, where he expressed the need of ‘background knowledge’ for teachers and the importance of doing ‘home-work’ before classes the next day. The opening session ended with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. V. Kamaraj, Chair, SSN ISTE Chapter.
The second session started after the coffee break, and was handled by Prof. L.S. Ganesh, IIT Madras. The topic of the session was “Setting purpose in our learning systems and (hopefully) kindling the conscience of our students”. He emphasized the importance of sustainable development, understanding the ‘preambles of the Constitution of India’ and the concept of ‘more of the same is not enough’ and ‘the need to do different things’. He also expressed the significance of having ‘values’ and ‘persistence’ among the students of India.

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The third session was handled by Ms. Jayashree Nambiar, The School KFI, Chennai on the topic, “Teacher as an agent of change”. In her talk, she touched upon the points of ‘teacher as an agent of change’, ‘ethical and moral actions’, ‘wisdom’, ‘care and understanding’ and ‘doing what is right’.
The fourth session commenced after the lunch break where Prof. S. Karmalkar, IIT Madras delivered a talk on “How can teachers make a difference?”. He discussed various important aspects of teaching, such as learning outcomes, Bloom’s Taxonomy, factors governing effective communication, etc.
The last session was handled by Ms. Jayashree Nambiar, The School KFI, Chennai on the topic “Being inspired against odds”, where she acted as a moderator and motivated the participants to share their views and experiences in their academic career.
The program ended with a concluding session in which Dr. T. Thiruvenkadam, Associate Professor, SSNSOM, presented a brief summary of the proceedings, and Mrs. T. Shree Sharmila thanked all the speakers and the participants.
Report prepared by: Dr. T. Thiruvenkadam

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