Mr. M. Srinivasan


 Srinivasan Research Scientist

Mr. M. Srinivasan


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M. Srinivasan, Research Scientist in the SSN Research Centre has 6 years of research experience in the field of modelling and simulation on crystal growth and solar cells. He has finished his M.Sc. degree in Physics from department of theoretical and nuclear Physics, University of madras, Chennai. He has submitted the thesis for  his Ph.D. in Anna University, Chennai. He developed modeling and simulation lab in SSN Research centre and leading the modeling group. As an appreciation of his commendable work, he has received financial assistance to attend the “International conference on PVSEC-25″, BEXCO, Busan, South Korea from Department of Science & Technology (DST).  He has published 30 papers in Referred International Journals and proceedings, presented more than 60 papers in International/National Conferences in which he got 4 Best paper Award.  As an appreciation of his commendable work, he has received Best Researcher Award in the year of 2015-2016 from SSN Institutions. He has given four Invited Lectures in various National Conferences/Seminars. He is a founder and coordinator of Elavenil organization. He has received the “Best Novel Award” from World Tamil University, Washington, USA for his novel “SUGANYA SEITHA  MAHATHANA SAADHANAIGAL”. He is a life member of Indian Association for Crystal Growth (IACG).  He has written 7 books in the field of Tamil Literature. Also, he has given many science programme in FM 90.4 MHz.


  •   Silicon solar cells
  •   Modeling and simulation
  •   Heat and Mass transfer
  •   Fluid dynamics
  •  Crystal growth process
  •  Density functional theory


  • “Best researcher award” from SSN College of Engineering for the year of 2015-16.
  • DST- Travel award (Young scientist) to attend International conference on PVSEC-25, BEXCO, Busan, South Korea, 15-20, November 2015.
  • International Conference on Modeling and Simulation 2015(ICMS-15) organized by department of computer &mechanical engineering, SASTRA   University, during 25-26 March 2015 won “Best poster paper award”
  • International Conference on “Energy and Environmental Engineering” (ICEEE-14), organized by Anna University BIT Campus, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, November 6-7 2014 won Best oral presentation award
  • National Level Conference on Emerging Trends in Materials and Methods (NCETMM-2015)” organized by department of physics, K. S. R College of arts and science for women,  Thiruchengode, Namakkal, on 7th October 2015 won Best paper award”.
  • 2nd National Conference on Hierarchically Structured Materials (NCHSM 2014) organized by department of physics, SRM University in Chennai, on 24th and 25th March, 2014 won “Best oral presentation award.
  • “Best student award”, Annual day function 2009, Govt. Arts and Science college   Dharmapuri.


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