Dr. D. Gnana Prakash

che_gnanaAssociate Professor

 Mr. D. Gnana Prakash B.Tech., M.Tech.,Ph.D.,

Email: gnanaprakashd@ssn.edu.in

Extension No: 419


Dr. D. Gnana Prakash, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering has 17 years of teaching experience.

He has completed B.Tech.(1999) in Chemical Engineering from University of Madras, M.Tech.(2001) in Chemical Engineering from Bharathiar University and Ph.D. (2012) from A.C. Tech, Anna University, Chennai. He has joined SSN in January 2009.

He has published 23 research papers in refereed international journals and 13 research papers in proceedings of international conferences. He has attended many workshops and seminars at national level. He has successfully completed one funded project worth Rs.8.50 lakhs from SSN trust.He is a recognized supervisor of Anna University, Chennai.   His current research work includes extraction of bioactive compounds from plant source using aqueous hydrotrope solution and utilization of algal biomass.

Project details:
Title: Hydrotropic Extraction of Bioactive Compounds using Ultrasonication
 Funding Agency: SSN Trust
Investigators: Dr. D. Gnana Prakash
Duration: 2013 – 2015
Amount: 8.50 lakhs

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