Professor and Head of Department
Dr.V.E.Annamalai M.E.,Ph.D.


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Dr.V.E.Annamalai is a Ph.D. from IIT Madras, specializing in the areas of Metal cutting , Abrasive Processes ,Grinding, Materials Science and Ceramics.

Dr. V.E.Annamalai
· has around 13 years of Teaching, 3 year of Research and 16 years of Industrial experience.
· has guided 10 Masters and 2 Ph.D.level research work.
· has 40 Journal papers, 20 Conference papers and 8 patents to his credit.
· Teaches Engineering Materials, Metallurgy and Metrology.
· has served as Chairman of the Abrasive Sectional Committee of BIS.

– offers training to Corporates on Innovation, Creativity and TRIZ

 Publications VeA 2009-2017

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