Dr. K.Sathish Kumar


Assosiate Professor

Dr. K.Sathish Kumar M.Tech Ph.D

Email: sathishkumark@ssn.edu.in

Extension No: 421



Dr.K.Sathish Kumar, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering has 14 years of teaching and research experience, including 4 years of research experience in the field of nanoparticle synthesis for drug delivery applications.

He received his B.Tech (Chem) degree first class from Madras University, M.Tech.(Chem) first class with distinction  from the  Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and PhD from Anna University Chennai.

During his PhD he synthesized gold nanoparticles and oleic acid coated iron oxide nanoparticles He developed various systems with biodegradable polymers for controlled and sustained drug delivery applications. He also carried out anticancer and antibacterial activity of various polymer nanocapsules containing metal nanoparticles.

He has published over 40 research publications in refereed international journals and in proceedings of international conferences. He has successfully completed one funded project worth Rs. 8.75 lakhs from SSN trust.  He is a recognized supervisor of Anna University of Technology Chennai.  His current research work includes synthesis of bimetallic particle, development of new nanocapsules for drug delivery, use of metallic nanoparticles as an adsorbent and its applications in water treatment.

 Three PhD students were successfully graduated so far under his supervision. He is a life member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) and Biotech Research Society, India (BRSI).

Project details:

  1. Title: Synthesis of Metal nanoparticles for drug delivery applications
    Funding Agency: SSN Trust
    Investigators: Dr.K.Sathish Kumar and Dr.K.Ramakrishnan
    Duration: 2010 – 2012
    Amount: 8.75 lakhs

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