Divya B

 divya Assistant Professor

Divya B, B.E., M.Tech

Email: divyab@ssn.edu.in

Extn: 412

Ms Divya has completed her under graduation in biomedical engineering (B.Tech) from Rajiv Gandhi College of engineering and technology, Pondicherry in 2009 and post-graduation (M.Tech) biomedical engineering from Amrita school of Engineering, Coimbatore in 2011. She was a university rank holder in UG and secured second place in overall performance during her PG. she has worked as an Assistant professor for a period of three year and eight months in one of pioneer institute in Kerala. She has done projects like “Classification of neuromuscular disorders using EMG”, “A fuzzy based approach for heart attack prediction”, “Use of Quantum dot- Gold Nano particle for cancer treatment”. She has participated in international conference and national conferences. Her areas of interest includes diagnostic techniques, soft computing techniques, and biomaterials.


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