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Mrs.R.Pushpalatha,M.Tech (Ph.D),


Extension No: 440



Mrs. R. Pushpalatha, Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering has 16 years of teaching and research experience, and one year of industrial experience in the field of Design of Industrial equipments.  Her research experience is in the field of composites.
She received her B.Tech (Chemical Eng.) degree first class from Madras University, M.Tech (Chemical Engg.) from Anna University, Chennai and is about to receive Ph.D degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM).
Her Ph.D work encompasses making particulate, fibre reinforced and monolithic composites with silica matrix by sol-gel processing. She has studied the effect of various parameters on the strength and morphology of the composites and derived a method to reduce the processing time of making gel monoliths. She has also proved the feasibility of making such composites using less expensive indigeneous precursors. As sol-gel method is one of the novel techniques for preparing nanocomposites,  it has a high potential in the current field of science and technology, particularly in membrane technology.
She has written a review about the role of Sol-Gel Technique in making nanocomposites.  She has currently one project funded by SSN Trust worth Rs. 5 lakhs.  This project is on making Iron oxide nanoparticles in silica matrix and studying the magnetic properties of the resulting nanocomposites.

1. Title: Preparation of Gamma Ferric oxide in Silica Matrix
Funding Agency:: SSN Trust
Investigators:  R.  Pushpalatha
Duration: 2010 – 2012
Amount: 5.0 lakhs

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