Lakshya’s annual extravaganza of fun and frolic, MELA is organised every year with the entire college participating and encouraging the students to put up stalls. MELA is a one day event where every single person gets a chance to be an entrepreneur for a day – their own boss, dictating their own rules, fixing their prices, marketing their stall and having fun while at it!

Teams are asked to register by submitting an online form with their business idea and then are shortlisted based on the innovative quotient of the idea itself. Different food, games and sports, art (including mehendi, tattoo, earring, quilling) and photo booths are put up throughout the day. A recently added flavour to MELA that raised the energy level of the entire meet is incorporating small business scenarios at different intervals of time according to which each stall had to modify their selling point.

MELA is that one day of the year for which every student in the college eagerly waits for. Besides all the fun, we believe and have heard through informal surveys that participants pick up nuances of entrepreneurship marketing and supply-demand relations from the event.


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