Teach a School (TAS) is a year-long social entrepreneurship event.

Student volunteers from across all years and departments who are a part of TAS teach and mentor underprivileged kids of grades 6th to 8th from government schools which need aid.

Concepts in Math and English are taught in an engaging and fun manner. Our volunteers put together brilliant worksheets and activities to drive in the concepts in the most interesting way.



Who do we work with? Government schools and associations which are open to our help under the TAS umbrella. This year, we were associated with the Olcott Memorial School, Lady Sivasami Girls Higher Secondary School and the Tribal Hearts Foundation.

The Teach a School division of SSN Lakshya also launched a book drive in September last year and thanks to the enthusiastic contribution from students across our college, received over a hundred books. We also received over 400 sets of notebooks and stationary from benefactors across the city to help out students affected by the Chennai floods.

Lady Sivaswamy Iyer Higher Secondary School, Mylapore was the beneficiary of this drive. These contributions went towards expanding their library on campus and each student from class 6th to 8th, received a notebook and a stationary set.


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