Sports Facilities
Education at SSN isn’t confined to the courses a student selects; our endeavor is to aid in the overall development of each of our student. This includes physical fitness, mental and physical agility, team spirit and the discipline and drive required to work towards a goal, not to mention the ability to loosen up and have some fun. That’s where our extensive sports facilities fit in; we encourage our students to pursue excellence in their chosen sports, providing them with the infrastructure and guidance to excel.

The sports infrastructure comprises facilities for indoor and outdoor games. There are well-maintained outdoor fields for cricket (Turf wicket with grass outfield), football, tennis (synthetic courts), basketball, volleyball, athletics and so on. We have an indoor stadium built to international standards for basketball, badminton (Hova Court), table tennis and squash racket and air-conditioned gyms for boys and girls.

Sports Quota

We provide 25 engineering seats every year for students who combine excellence in selected sports with creditable academic records. Students who have played at National and International level tournaments for the following games and sports are eligible to apply for the sports quota admissions: athletics, basketball, badminton, cricket, chess, table tennis, tennis, and squash racket. In recent years, the top ranks on the Anna University Sports Quota have been dominated by our students, underscoring our commitment to balancing academics and other activities without compromising on either.

Sports Scholarship

Our commitment to our budding athletes doesn’t stop at simply encouraging them. We offer concrete rewards in the form of a yearly scholarship program which awards scholarships of up to Rs. 40 lakhs to sports achievers.

Annual Sports Activities

  • Participation in Anna University zonal and inter zonal tournaments.
  • Participation in South Zone and All India inter university tournaments.
  • Participation in invitational inter-collegiate tournaments.
  • Participation in the Tamil Nadu Inter Engineering Sports (TIES) meet.
  • Conducting the College Annual Sports day.
  • Organizing the SSN Rolling Trophies, SSN Open, Anna University Tournaments and SSN Trophy.

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SSN Annual Sports Day Celebrations – Click here to watch the video 

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