SSN students are given a flavour of research beginning right from the undergraduate level. To encourage students to undertake appreciate the rigors of research and experience the exhilaration of creating knowledge, SSN offers the internal seed finding scheme to all students at SSN.

As part of this scheme students are encouraged to form teams and under the guidance of a faculty supervisor come up with research proposals and submit them to the management. Every year over 200 teams submit their proposals and are called upon to present their proposals and defend their assumptions in front of a research committee comprising of external experts and SSN researchers.

The promising proposals are then funded by the SSN management. A total of 328 student proposals have been funded by SSN worth Rs. 70 lakhs over the years. This scheme is highly successful in generating students interest in the area of research and in knowledge creation by them through publications in refereed international journals of repute. Last year a total of 313 students published 188 research papers in refereed international journal. This achievement is unprecedented across all educational institutions in India.

Number of Student Projects Funded by SSN


Publication by Students in International Refereed Journals

Year UG Students PG Students Total
Students Papers published Students Papers published Students Papers published
2015 230 97 83 91 313 188
2014 135 49 55 55 190 104
2013 134 53 21 24 155 77